Resolution in Binary

Why do people downsize resolution?

What is resolution?

Images on a computer are made up of hundreds of small pixels, this is because each pixel is a different colour and each colour is made up of binary. This means a computer can download pictures as lines of code then make them up afterwards.

What happens if you downsize and up size the resolution of pictures?

Well, downsizing the resolution of a picture makes the image made out of less pixels so it will become pixelated and unclear what the image portrays.

And when you up size a pictures resolution it doesn't make the quality better either as the computer just duplicates colours.

Big image


This is an awesome picture of masterchief from his new game Halo 4...but what happens if you up size and downsize his resolution.
Big image

What happens...

Well, yeah it just looks a bit fuzzy the top one, that were you up size the resolution. And the bottom one you can't see very well but it just resembles a few small squares with different colours.

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Lets play around with colours.

We can also reduce the amount of colours by changing the colour depth here is masterchief again and this time the top one has 2-bits of colour (4 colours) and the second 8-bits of colour (256 colours maximum).
Big image
Big image

Whats the point?

Well actually there is lots of points some artists like create abstract pieces of art from pixelated images or images from not many colours. Or there is the idea that the less resolution you have the less storage it is and that means on a website it won't take as long to download a web page.

The Technical bit

How pixels are used.

Pixels form all bitmap pictures this means that all of these images are made out of hundreds of different squares of different colours. But how does the computer transfer the picture and make it. Well all of the colours will be a different binary code for example 10 might equal the colour orange whereas 1001 might equal the colour blue. This means when a computer sees an image it just sees a long line of code. Then the computer will put all the code into the order they came in and transfer them into colours.