WANTED! ~ Tellurium

By: Linda Jawahar

Wanted for:

This criminal has escaped our factory prison claiming he cannot go on anymore. We need this criminal to be taught a lesson that just because he is one of the most rarest elements, he cannot go running off like that.

It is used in...

  • Used in memory chips.
  • Used on rewritable CD's, DVD's, and Blu-ray discs as a layer.
  • Used as a coloring agent in glass and ceramics .
  • Used as blasting caps for construction projects.

It is important because our economy is depending on technology, aesthetic decorations, as well as new buildings.


Other Names- Native Tellurium

Chemical Symbol- Te

Origin- tellus which means "earth"


  • Color- Silvery White
  • Atomic Mass- 127.60
  • Atomic Number- 52
  • It is a metalloid
  • How it appears in room temperature- Solid

First Arresting Officer

Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein was the one who first arrested (discovered) Tellurium. This officer was an European scientist and mineralogist. He was trained in philosophy and law, but took interest in mineralogy.

Report of First Arrest

Tellurium was associated with gold ores taken from Romanian mines in the mid-eighteenth century when it was first discovered. Müller first decided it was bismuth sulfide in 1782, but further research caused him to take that decision back. After many years, in 1798, he decided to send it to Martin Klaproth and asked for verification of his findings. Klaproth agreed with him suggested the name "tellurium". Müller was and still is known as the element's discoverer, which Klaproth graciously acknowledged.

Last Seen:

  • Location on Periodic Table- Chalcogens (Group 16)
  • Where the element is found?- In the Earth's crust

Known Associates

Elements that help (form mixtures and compounds) the criminal- Oxygen, gold, silver, copper, lead, mercury, and bismuth. Also forms many compounds corresponding to sulfur and selenium.

How the criminal reacts with its helpers- To make compounds and mixtures, Tellurium is used in alloys.

Actual Chemical Action- TeO2


This criminal is very dangerous.

It can cause...

  • Irritation to eyes
  • Irritation to skin
  • Irritation to the respiratory system

If taken internally it can cause...

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Damage to the central nervous system.
  • It also causes garlicky-odor breath

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