foot rot


when animals walk in hardened mud, or standing in a wet and muddy environment for prolonged periods of time. High temperatures and humidity will also cause the skin to chap and crack. Animals around this area have a high chance of getting foot rot of the high rain fall and high humidity.


the nail of the animal starts to grow in the middle of the nails & starts grow long & wonce you lift up the foot it looks black or all white & will smiles nasty


  1. Inflammation and necrosis of tissue
  2. Severe swelling and extreme pain
  3. Smelly discharge occurs in the tracts that open into the feet around the hoof
  4. Lameness with holding or raising of a foot (hind limbs are affected most often)
  5. Difficulty in movement
  6. Reluctance to placing weight on affected legs
  7. Holding affected limbs in a flexed position – usually with only one toe touching ground
  8. Loss of appetite and weight
  9. Fever
  10. Reduction in milk production
  11. Severe illness can lead to death in prolonged cases