Digital Citizenship

Social Media Ava Robertson


Cyberbullying is a form of bullying or harassment that is done by technology.Cyberbullying can be dealed with in many ways some are that you can tyalk to a parent,sibling,relatives,a teacher or a can also report the abuse if you are using a can also contact kids helpline wich they have staff who can help you deal with the problem in proper ways.

if you or anyone you know are getting cyberbullied contact

kids helpline or eheadspace

Online Saftey

think about how to be safe online.Online safety is essential.To stay safe you should tell a parent or guardian about the should also look at different websites like

you can also help yourself by not telling anyone your should also try keeping where your location is,what your doing and NEVER give anyone online your address or phone number.

try these links too,they will help you in many ways.

1. cyber smart
2. kids helpline


Online, sometimes out there strangers on social media sites can say very rude things to you or a friend.It is very important to treat people on social media sites the way you would treat the in 'real life'.This can be resolved in many way but here are the main two.

1.Treat others the way you want to be treated.Don't use bad words online, or say something that can hurt a persons feelings.

2.Tell an adult.You should tell a parent or a relative your situation,so they can help and get assistance from an organisation that specialises in your are of need.

click here for more information on netiquette