Bobcat Bulletin

December 17, 2021

Wishing every family in our Bobcat community a holiday filled with love and a Happy New Year!

Mark Your Calendars:

  • 1/4: Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
  • 1/7: Normal Release Day (Staggered Dismissal starts at 3:15 w/kinder)
  • 1/14: 2pm Release for PLC Collaboration
  • 1/17: NO SCHOOL
  • 1/21: 2pm Release for PLC Collaboration
  • 1/28: 2pm Release for PLC Collaboration

Winter Break is 12/20-1/3, No School.

School Resumes on TUESDAY, January 4th.

We LOVED celebrating Hour of Code!

Click here to see a video of our Bobcats coding across campus.

Our days have been filled with lots of JOY this month! Check out our Bobcats around campus...

Live in-person concerts, a Spelling Bee, middle school pep rally, Elf on the Shelf winners, NJHS adopt a family, and of course...The Grinch! These are just a few of our favorite things.

Join our Bobcats Team...

We are STILL seeking qualified and eager candidates who are interested in serving our students through one of the following roles:

  • Para Educator (2 positions available)
  • Crossing Guard (starts in January)

Please reach out directly to Darlene Baumgartner at

All Things EQ Message (from the founder Danna Evans):

In January, our first motto will be...

I bring effort to everything I do.

Students may think of work as something that takes away from their free time. If a student believes work or effort is something to avoid, think about how that belief can affect their life. This week is about understanding the value of effort. Many of our greatest joys stem from our greatest efforts.

Here are some talking points to help kids understand how effort can impact their life:

1. Effort is its own reward. There is immense satisfaction in a job well done. Even if we aren't recognized or rewarded for our work, there is an internal sense of accomplishment that is ours to keep when we know we did our best. You can help your child value effort by giving effort-based praise, such as:

• "You ran for student body treasurer, you worked hard on your speech and campaign, and I'm proud of you!"

• "I appreciate how you waited to speak and didn't interrupt our conversation; thank you!"

2. Understand what we lose when we do not bring effort. Without effort, we resent work and see it as a waste of time rather than an opportunity to contribute to ourselves and others. Effort keeps boredom at bay and brings joy, purpose, and meaning to our life. Our life deserves our effort!

"Give your best effort because you are worth your best effort." -Denis Waitley

3. The things that require effort are fulfilling. Good relationships, a rewarding career, a fit, and healthy body all require effort. Effort and work tend to have negative connotations, and yet the things in our life that require our effort are often the most rewarding.

The Silver Apple Award...

Does your child have a teacher this year that he/she just can't stop raving about? Well, consider nominating him/her for the Silver Apple Award recognition. More details can be found at:

Thank you for keeping our community safe & healthy...

  • Keep your child home if he/she has covid like symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid.
  • Use the reporting button below to notify our school if your child has covid, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid. Thank you!

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