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Your 157c Parent Teacher Organization

Enjoy your Summer!

FSP will be working over the summer to fill all the chairperson positions. If you would like to get a little bit more involved, we have some less intensive positions available. Please let us know.

Thank you to the retiring board members Corrie Gleason and Lisa Podlesak. They have done a great job for the last two years dedicating themselves to everything FSP has to offer.

What's Going On?

Slammers Tickets Are Available If You Still Want to Go!!!!

Did it slip your mind and you missed the deadline? You're in luck. We ordered some extra tickets just so you can join us! Please contact Tina Kohler at if you want to order.

Those of you that already ordered, you should be receiving your tickets any time now. They were dropped off in your mailboxes this weekend.

School Supply Sale for the 2017-2018 School Year

FSP will once again be offering a complete kit of school supplies for your child for purchase. This is a fundraiser for FSP and is not required. You can purchase your own supplies if you prefer. This is just an easy time saving way to make sure you get all your required school supplies for next year.

Orders can be placed through their website at:

Supplies will be delivered to your house.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the chairperson:

Haritha Moparthi

Grand Prairie T-shirt Orders

The "Class Of" shirts will were delivered to the students to take home last week. If you don't receive yours please contact:

Remind 101 FOR 157c Booster Events - Have you signed up?

If you would like that extra reminder via text the day of or the night before you can now sign up for the 157c Boosters Remind 101. This will include reminders for Booster events like Hot Lunch as well as Family Nights and Fundraisers. To get these reminders please send a text with the following: @157cb to: 81010

Planning for 2017 - 2018 is underway

Did you have a great year? We hope so! If you want to help us from the start with our planning for next year please feel free to contact us. Our new board has been elected and you can contact any one of us.

Tina Kohler - President

Desiree Lavin - Co-VicePresident

Laura Blakely - Co-VicePresident

Georgette Kristin - Treasurer

Theresa Larkin - Secretary

Hot Lunch and Smoothie Sales

Hot Lunch sales for next year will begin in July 2017.

You can find the entire hot lunch and smoothie schedule with the menus and booster that is sponsoring that lunch on the 157c website after July 15th.

Volunteer Opportunities

Regular Lunch Volunteers at Grand Prairie and Chelsea

FSP is no longer coordinating the day to day scheduling of regular lunch volunteers. The signup genius links for these schools are below. Thank You for your support!


Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom


Next FSP Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 5th, 9:30am

10480 Nebraska Street

Frankfort, IL

Everyone is welcome to come to the FSP meeting. This is where we discuss upcoming events and hot topics. The FSP Board is always present as well as the 157c Superintendent, Grand Prairie Principal, Chelsea Principal, and Hickory Creek Principal.

Your input is encouraged. We hold two meetings a year in the evening to allow working parents to join in.

About 157-c Family School Partnership (FSP)

We are the 157c Parent Teacher Organization. We are non-profit. We provide free family events as well as parent support, teacher appreciation, assembly funds, and curriculum enrichment. All parents with students in 157c are encouraged to help us. We can only do as much as we can with the volunteers that help. If you prefer not to support our fundraisers you can always support us by donating to our un-fundraiser. You can do this via Rev-Trak under FSP.

FSP meets monthly on the first Tuesday.

School Calendars

Since changes may be made to the calendars, please remember to update you iCal file periodically.

June 5th, 2017 Booster E-Blast