Science Classroom

by Taina Reyes

Redesigning Our Class

This project is to redesign our 6th grade Science class room. Mrs. Lieberman has asked us to redesign her classroom, so it can look like a fun and exciting classroom. We can even decorate her desk. We need to state what type of technology we would like to use, like iPads or smart boards. We also have to decide what lab supplies we would need, like test tubes or microscope. For the workstation, we can put up posters on the walls related to what we are learning in Science.

Layout Of Our Classroom

  • The teacher's desk should be in the front of the class along with the smartboard/technology station.

  • The lab supplies should be at the back of the room where it will be away from the students, unless we are instructed to go there.

  • The work station should be next to the supply station, then brought out to our tables when we are having science class.

  • The students' workstations will be our tables/desks which should be located in the center of the class room. We should be grouped by 5 or 6, in order to work together on projects and in order to use iPads as a group.

Different Stations

Sink/Clean-Up Area

  • This area will be away from all stations.

  • It will include paper towels, hand sanitizer, soap, wipes for tables and all equipment and devices.

  • We will decorate the sink area with fun pictures of sponges like the one below.

Mrs. Lieberman's Area

Teacher's Desk and Area

Mrs. Lieberman's desk should be fun and show things about science. I think It should be decorated with Lightning Bolts!!! We can draw them on yellow colored construction paper, cut them out, then tape them all over her desk :-)

Teacher's Desk Decoration

It would be so much fun and so cute!