Fast Facts

Continent: Asia

Capital: Tokyo

Population: 126,919,659 people in Japan

Area: 145,914 square miles (377,915 square kilometers)

Main Language: Japanese, English

Main Religions: Christian 2.1% Shintoism and/ or Buddhism 89.5% Other religion 8.3%

Distance from Capital Washington D.C.: Tokyo, Japan is 6815.99 miles 10969.27 kilometers away from Washington D.C.


Geisha are famous female traditional entertainers, who sing, dance, play traditional Japanese musical instruments.

Samurai were a warrior in older Japan who were recognized, as they were the only men who carried two swords.

New Year is celebrated at the same time of the year as western countries, but is celebrated in a distinctive.

Japanese Castles were the key to structure, and life of many Japanese cities.

The Kimono is the most famous form of traditional Japanese clothing for woman.

Things I want to see in Japan

I would like to see Tokyo and all the buildings and cars. And go for a walk in Cherry Blossom Park. And maybe see if I can make it through Suicide Forest, people committed suicide there, but police took action and put up a sign saying " Your life is a special thing that your mother gave to you." And stopped half of the suicide. And all the hikers that went in few made it out. Some say that the hikers that went in were going in circles. (Don`t know why I want to go in, but I take risks.)

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