Elana Johnson

By Ilianna Murphy


Five Interesting Facts-

  • Elana Johnson has four novels coming out in this year, two of them which she published herself.
  • Her pen name is Liz Issacson
  • Mrs. Johnson graduated from college with honors and a minor in Math.
  • Oreo and bacon are her favorite foods and if she ruled the world they would be the two main food groups
  • She is currently a teacher, while writing dystopian teen books.


Possession- Have you ever felt like you're constantly being controlled? Or all your decisions are being made for you? Well, rebellious Vi experiences this everyday and she loves to cause trouble along with Zenn. She lives in Goodland, where you dare not break the rules, but after one adventurous night she ends up in prison. There she discovers her secret talents and with the help of Jag, her cellmate, she breaks out. Can Vi and Jag find freedom by using her powers? Will she make it to safety or be sent back to prison?


Would you fight for freedom if you knew your life was on the line? In the second book of this series the point of view changed to Raine. However, Vi has been extensively brain washed after trying to rebell towards the government. Raine and Gunner are part of a undercover anti-government group called the Insiders. All they want is to be free to make their own decisions and they make plans to escape.

Books by Elana Johnson

Possession Series

  1. Possession
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2. Surrender
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3. Abandon
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Other Books By Elana Johnson

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