Third Grade News

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, and Mrs. Pilo

April 5, 2019


After coming back from vacation Mrs. Nikolic asked all the teachers to remind the students of the 4 BE STATEMENTS that are used at Rose Glen School. The 4 BE STATEMENTS are:





Language Workshop:

In Language Workshop, we are reading and discussing together books that help us to better understand that power can be used in positive and not so positive ways. We are developing and expanding our knowledge and growing a deeper understanding of social issues that impact characters and people in fiction and informational text.

What is Power?

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Reading Workshop:

In Reading Workshop, the students are identifying social issues that are presented in text and noticing how they are reflected in real life experiences. They are also analyzing and comparing how characters across texts made similar decisions and how sometimes they differed greatly. They have noticed how the themes and lessons between text are interrelated which helped to grow a better understanding of humanity.

Writing Workshop:

In Writing Workshop, the students have been working on an opinion/persuasive piece of writing. The students have been learning that they need to have examples and facts to back up their opinions. The students are working on understanding that in order to persuade someone to do something or to get something done they need to be very clear in their writing.


Our time and measurement unit is coming to a close. We have been working on measuring length to the nearest inch, half inch, and quarter inch. It would be good practice to measure various things around the house. Then we have been organizing our measurement data into a tally chart, making line plots, and answering questions about the graph.

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We will take the time and measurement assessment on Wednesday, April 10th. Students will need to be able to tell time to the minute, solve elapsed time problems using a number line, measure to the nearest half and quarter inch, and display/analyze data on a line plot.

Our next unit is a problem solving unit called Muffles Truffles where they are “working” in a chocolate shop. Students are solidifying their multiplication and division skills and will then apply them to finding area and perimeter.

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Social Studies:

At this time the students have been studying about Waukesha’s past. The students have been learning about the Mound Builder Indians and The Potawatomi Indians. The students have also been learning about the first settlers that came to Waukesha and about the famous Waukesha Cutler family. This week the students learned about the Underground Railroad and the part it played in Waukesha’s history. In the next week, the students will be learning about Colonel Dunbar’s Amazing Discovery and the Waukesha Springs.

FORWARD testing:

This week we started the state FORWARD testing and it will continue for the next couple of weeks. Students will be using their ipads and earbuds/headphones to take the test. Ask your son or daughter if they have earbuds/headphones that work and are able to be kept at school all the time (not taken home each night).

Please also make sure your son or daughter has their ipad each day and it’s charged to 100%. Thanks for your help in making this process go smoothly!

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