Girls Tennis

Don't Stop Until You're Proud


I just wanted to thank all of you for being flexible as we start a new program at WHS. Not having courts ready isn't convenient, and you and your kids have been amazing, getting to practices and driving to different locations. I REALLY appreciate everyone's willingness to do what it takes to get us there! We're having a great time, no matter where we are!

Some Rules To Keep In Mind for Spectators

  • Tennis is a quiet sport. A little clap or cheer to celebrate a great shot or encourage our team is perfect, but no celebrating opponent's mistakes, getting too loud, etc.
  • Parents (friends, teachers, siblings) are NOT allowed to talk to the players AT ALL during their match. Only the coaches can speak to players during a match.
  • The girls regulate and monitor their own match. There are no officials to call lines or keep score. Coaches and parents cannot assist with this either.
  • I will not know what time each player will play. Flexibility is key!

Odds & Ends...

  • Uniforms will be purchased by the players, and the cost is approximately $52. We will order as soon as possible, and payment is required before they can receive a uniform.
  • If a student will miss practice or a match for ANY reason, they need to notify me in writing 24 hours in advance when possible. This needs to come from the student.
  • I will send out an email asking parents to sign up to bring food on days we have matches. Be looking for that. Away matches--bring money to eat before heading home.