News investigations

By: Hannah Haisman

Increased Supply, Steady Demand Lead to Drop in Prices

Source: University of Missouri Extension

“Milk prices at the farm level are expected to be about $6 a hundredweight lower than the record prices in 2014.”

They say that they have a lot more cows to produce the milk, so that means that they can produce more milk. The demand of milk is not that

high though, so they are able to sell the milk for a lower price. This is like when we talked about supply and demand in class. We talked about how when you are making a product, and the supply is up and the demand is low, you can make your prices pretty low too. This will make your product more attractive to the buyers when they are looking to buy your product, this will also make them want to buy your brand v.s. others if your price is low enough.

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Water scarcity is becoming a business problem

It says that as the water consumption is going up, so that means that the supply is going down. That is bad for businesses, and they have to learn how to conserve the water that they use. They have to develop new technologies that they will use in order to conserve that water that they use. Businesses said that if you look at the price of water, it's not quite free, but it's low priced compared to its value. On a profit and loss statement, that barely shows up." This relates to what we talk about in class because it shows how when there is a high demand for something, but a low supply, then that Item becomes scarce. Water to businesses is scarce so they have to do their best to conserve water.

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Luxury Goods Market Seen Slowing Amid Tourism Chill

They say that people are not traveling as much as they used to be traveling, because as all the hardships and scary things are going on in the world, people are more and more scared to travel nowadays. When less people travel, that means that the souvenir prices go down. Souvenirs are a type of good that a person can buy/ usually buys when on a trip. So as the number of travelers decreases, that means that there is a lot less people buying souvenirs. Lots of tourists canceled travel plans after November terror attacks in Paris. The decline is partially offset by a recovery in domestic spending.

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China's Huawei files patent suits against Samsung Elec

Huawei has started the process to sue the Samsung Company for what it said was


use of fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications technology, operating


and user interface software in Samsung phones. In class, we learned that a patent was Exclusive rights an inventor has to sell the

Product for a set time period. That must mean that Samsung does not have that exclusive right for their fourth-generation (4G) phone. Huawei said that "We hope Samsung will ... stop infringing our patents and get the necessary license from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward,

Then Samsung said that they will, "take appropriate action to defend Samsung's business interests" They didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so they said that they would elaborate on it later.

Samsung has been in a lot of patent lawsuits lately, so this does not sit well


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Companies Get Strict on Health of Workers

Some of the companies are trying to give out incentives for those works that start to make better lifestyle


and those that wasn’t to strive to have a healthier life. We learned about incentives in class, and how they can really motivate someone to do something if the incentive is big enough. A lot of companies do this too. A survey went out, and they found out that 79% of the companies offer a reward for their employees who choose to exercise and make healthy choices. Some of the incentives could be a bonus, lower insurance, a promotion, or much more. It is great that these businesses are looking out for the best interest of their employers and they are trying to get them to live a more healthy lifestyle. “Employers are feeling the need to intensify their efforts to create an environment where people feel they are responsible for their own health,” said Jim Winkler, chief innovation officer for

health care

at Aon Hewitt.

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