BYOD vs. 1:1

Comparing Tech Options in Classrooms

Define the Topic

  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Students bring their own device from home


  • School or school district chooses a specific device to use for all students
  • Gives these devices to each student and teacher, often loaded with materials and applications that the school wants everyone to use

Pros and Cons

Pros of BYOD
  • Cost effective (schools don't have to buy and maintain hundreds of devices)
  • Device familiarity (students already know how to use their own devices)
  • Respect for personal property (students care about their own device and will take care of it)

Pros of 1:1

  • Inexpensive for students (each child is given a device)
  • Device management is simple (tech department knows one certain brand and how to fix it)
  • Everyone has the same resources (each child is using Microsoft Word, instead of some using Microsoft and others using Apple Pages for example)
  • Cooperative (students can collaborate easily using synced devices)

Cons of BYOD

  • Expensive for the student/family (have to provide a device for child)
  • Device management is difficult (if there is a problem with a personal device, tech department may not be familiar with the device/know how to fix it)
  • Juggling operating systems (oftentimes there is a disconnect between sharing on PC vs. Mac)

Cons of 1:1

  • Expensive for the school system (have to buy devices/software for each student)
  • Expensive and challenging to maintain (school has to buy upgrades for technology and replace old/broken devices)

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