Salesforce update III

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As you all know, we are currently working with a national Salesforce taskforce on one Salesforce to store, share and organize all contact information of AIESEC The Netherlands. Salesforce is an exclusive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that helps us to maintain and document all the contacts we have, which is very important for the continuity of AIESEC.

We are very excited about the results so far, so we thought we'd give you an update to share the progress that we're making!

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IT Partner

We have found an IT partner that is now building the new Salesforce for us: Casenine. Casenine is a great partner for us because they have a special partnership with the company Salesforce itself. This means that they have licenses to build and program a customized Salesforce on the backoffice program of Salesforce (, so every field and option in the new Salesforce is specially created for the use of Salesforce by AIESEC The Netherlands!

Expanded Taskforce

We have formed an expanded cross functional Salesforce Taskforce and together with Yannick from Casenine we went through all the processes of the different teams and the current and future role of Salesforce in these processes of AIESEC. The expanded Taskforce will help with feedback, uses adoption tests and training & implementation.

Below there is a list of who is in the expanded national Salesforce Taskforce:

Amsterdam: Wessel (MaM)
Groningen: Alex Bijlstra (OGX)
Leiden: Oscar (LCP)
Maastricht: Lars (VP), Audrey (LCP), Arnoud (ICX)
Nijmegen: Hans (ICX)
Tilburg: Anouk (OGX)
Utrecht: Niek (VP)
Wageningen: Anne (VP)

Are you also interested in joining the expanded taskforce? Contact us!

First Concept!

Casenine showed us the first concept of the new Salesforce! They work very hard and they come up with great ideas to take into account all our requests, so we are very happy with the progress! We have the login codes for the new Salesforce so, while Case9 continues with programming the rest of the Salesforce world, we can check the developments and supply the needed data for them. At convent Twente we will provide a training for all the coordinators about the new Salesforce.

Transferring Data

After convent Twente, we can start with the transfer of data from the old into the new Salesforce. Since the new Salesforce has special customized fields for AIESEC, the fields are incompatible with the fields of the 11 old accounts and therefore we have to transfer the data by ourselves. However, it will be more beneficial for us to start clean, so we transfer all the data correctly. Salesforce is a program that works as good as it content, so this is a good opportunity for us to make it work!


Stay tuned for the next update with more insight into the new Salesforce!

Next steps: Timeline indication

  • Until week 14: Casenine is working to complete the new Salesforce. The taskforce helps with delivering needed data & gives feedback.
  • Week 14: Show the new Salesforce to the VP's at VP convent and collect feedback.
  • week 15-16: Bug testing and user adoption tests by the expanded taskforce.
  • week 17: Finalizing the Salesforce by Casenine and training of the expanded taskforce.
  • week 18: Launch of the new Salesforce and training of the coordinators at convent Nijmegen by the expanded taskforce.
  • week 18-21: Transferring of data into the new Salesforce.
  • week 22: Official launch and training of the newies at Boarders.

If you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Salesforce Taskforce

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