Not A Drop To Drink

A brutally beautiful debut,not to be missed

What the book is about.

This book is about a mother and daughter in the middle of the forest where they made a house. They have a pond by their house which every body that lives in the forest wants. There is a little creek in the forest but it is not very reliable. This creek is not reliable because in the winter it freezes and during the summer the creek can possibly dry up. So throughout the book you will see the mother and daughter fight to keep their pond.

not a drop to drink

What is powerful about the book

What I found powerful is how the author made the characters their own. They had a little attitude and even though they don't know what it is like to live in the city they still act like people in the city. Here's a part from the book in my words. Lynn says that she wants to go chop wood by herself and wants to independent. The mother did nor want to let her but she eventually does.