Animals that produce Elctricity

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Did you ever wonder how some animals can produce electricity? Today I'm going to mainly talk about two animals that produce electricity, the electric Eel and the electric Catfish. In short, there are more than a hundred animals that can create that much electricity to create an electric shock. Now I will tell you the names of some of these amazing animals, Electric Stingray, Electric Eel, and the Electric Catfish, these the first animals that come to people's minds when it comes to animals that produce electricity.You will be surprised how strong, interesting, and aggressive some animals are.

Electric Catfish

Aggressive and powerful, the electric Catfish is an interesting fish. Its native land is the continent Africa. It can travel through the nile river and to deeper rivers in Africa, so when the ancient Egyptian families bathed they had to be careful so they didn't get shocked! The electric Catfish has enough volts to power a computer for an hour. The Catfish has whiskers around its mouth. It has a thick skin instead of scales. It can shock you up to 450 volts, that's how much electricity a regular european house produces a day. The average length of the catfish is 2 meters. It is also very aggressive because it would eat any animal that is half of its size. Another scientific name for the electric catfish is Malapterurus Electricus.

Electric Eel

Not only is the eel dangerous, it produces loads of electricity! The electric Eel lives in ponds and streams in amazon. It can shock you up to 600 volts! That's about 5 times as much electricity a normal american house produces a day.It's family is originally from the Knight fish family that can also produce electricity.The electric Eel also weighs a lot, it weighs 23 kilograms. They even use the electricity to stun the prey, to defend itself and communicate with other Eels. The electric Eel isn't related to common Eels it's more related to the catfish family. It's usually 2.3 meters when it's a regular healthy fish.

The Bee

There are so many other interesting animals that produce electricity for example the Bee. The Bee isn't so popular as a animal that produces electricity. The Bee produces an electric field that produces a negative charge which picks up the pollen (which is powder of the flower).

How does the electricity travel

I guess you were wondering how does the electricity travel through the eels body. Well, the eel makes an electric field which travels through there body next to the spine and muscles. The electric eel has about 6,000 specialized cells called electrolytes that take up 80% of the body!!! The cells and organs are made of a kind of tissue.

I’m and still other scientists are wondering how the electric eel doesn't get socked.The negative charge does not shock the animal's body, the electric eel releases the electricity into the water by its tail and creates an electric field.

After the electricity is produced

After the electricity is produced the electric eel knows where to go it depends, if its prey isn't moving it will realise electricity into the water and catches it!But if it would start moving and escaping the electric eel would chase it until it is close enough to catches the fish! Any way it is really hard to escape from the electric eel.


In all I think that my favorite animal now is the electric Eel because it is so interesting and powerful. Now I can tell you that there are more than a 500 animals that can produce electricity! I guess that if now someone asks you about animals that produce electricity, you will know what to say.If you have more questions take a quick look in the Bibliography, And show me them I'm interested what questions you have.Hope you enjoyed the reading.

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