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Berky Brummond

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Humpty Dumpty Splattered

Humpty Dumpty of Fairy Tale Land had a great fall off a great wall. Humpty was 21-years-old when he died. Doctors say he probably lost his balance and that’s why he fell. King Henry sent his best men to the scene. “We couldn't get the job done,” said Carl, one of the king’s men. Humpty was buried at the cemetery on the south side of Fairy Tale Land.

23 By. Berkly Brummond

Michael Jordan was arguably the best basketball player ever. In high school, he got cut from his high school team, but that didn’t stop him. The next year, he made varsity as a starter. Later in his career, he amazed the world in college. He enrolled at North Carolina University, where he got a degree in geography. He won the NCAA Basketball Division 1 Championship in 1982. The next year, he won the player of the year award and later got drafted into the NBA to the Bulls. His first year in the NBA, he won rookie of the year. In his career, he won five MVP’s and six championships, three of those in a row. In his late career, he decided to retire and go play baseball. He played baseball for the White Sox, but later retired and went back to basketball. He came back and played for the Bulls, but instead of the legendary number 23 he wore number 45. After a couple years, he changed teams and played for the Wizards. All in all, I think Michael Jordan was one of the best ever and he will never be forgotten.

The Benchwarmers

Gus Mathews, Richie Goodman, and Clark Reedy are three adult nerds. As they were kids, they got bullied and never got to play the game of baseball. As they got older, one day they got together and went out and hit some balls. They set up a team of three to beat the bullies and win a new field In Mel’s tournament.They play solid baseball and get one game away from the championship and a new field, but when they find out Guses big secret, it changes everything.

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Berkly Brummond went to high school at Norfolk High in Nebraska. He did activities like basketball, cross country, and baseball. As a young kid his first job was at the CEC theater in Norfolk. He went to college at Nebraska University and majored in criminal justice. Later in his life, he got a job as a cop in Minnesota. He got married a year later and had two kids. His hobbies are to watch football and play outside with his kids. Once he retires, he would like to travel around the world.

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