China and Japan

By: Pamela Jeans

Ming (1368-1644)

The leaders are Hongwu, Yonglo, and Zheng He. They over throwed the Mongolian Emperors. Made "The forbidden city." Te forbidden city was biggest complex of palaces in the world. Designed to reflect enternal glory of Ming emperors. Yellow= Power Red= Good luck.

Qing (1644-1912)

The leaders were Manchus and Kangxi. The people from the noth started the Manchurians. The Manchus felt superior. They supported confusion values, traditions, and Chinese culture. Traded pottery, silk, and tea with American colonies but the limited trade with them which angered them.

Trade with Europeans

They limited trades with the Europeans . They did not want Europeans to influence their people.

Yuan, Ming and Qing Emperors