Week of Sept. 17th...

LA Staff News


**See image below for partnership visits/field trips




Thursday: Early release 12:50

AM: Conscious Discipline (Jodi and Mark)


Teacher PDPs due in NEE (Summer and Paul)

Build Flipped Resources in Canvas for Course Offerings

Friday: PD for teachers

8:00 - 11:00 LPS Pineapple PD at LNHS

11:00 - 12:00 Lunch

12:00 - 3:00 Building Visible Learning

**If you want a longer lunch, we can go until 3:30 on Friday. I shortened lunch to an hour instead.

We are still needing about 5-10 more sessions offered during each time block to make sure there is plenty of best practices available for everyone to attend. HERE IS THE LINK to sign up to present. We plan to close the Google doc by noon on Wednesday, September 19th in order to assign rooms and even out session offerings, if needed.

We appreciate you using this time to grow professionally and share your learning with others. Just a reminder, this professional learning time is not a meeting time for departments. Those meetings are scheduled throughout the fall and spring during Heads of State meetings. Thank you for your dedication to professional learning in our district.

Listed below are the special group assignments for the day:


Follow the regular PD Day schedule (Pineapple/Buildings)


High - UofA/MSU campus visits (LNHS); WashU/UMSL campus visits (LHS)

Items to Note:
Do not let kids in any doors. It is important that they all check in through the office if they missed the cutoff for the lunchroom door. Also, help remind kids not to let anyone in the building.

If you haven't filled out the staff info sheet (via Google Form) for Debi, please do so this week.

Still looking for a staff member willing to be our building coordinator for the LPS United Way Campaign. Please?!?!??!

Upcoming Dates:

9/27: Visible Learning Teacher Cohort at DAC PM (Summer, Paul)

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Senior Credits Pyramid

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Underclassmen Credits Pyramid

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Circle Varieties

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