Reflector2 for iPad Mirroring

Show your iPad screen on your projector

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Reflector2 Makes a Teacher iPad or iPhone a Powerful Tool for Teaching

Reflector2 is a program that connects an IOS device to a computer through AIRPLAY. Anything you can pull up on an iPad or iPhone can then be projected on a screen for a whole class to see, interact with, discuss, and analyze. Apps, videos, on-line textbooks, digital formative assessments, and the camera feature can be projected in a large format.

Using the technology of iPads in a class setting supports the Digital Learning Platform as a Best Practices Technology and provides quick, in-the-classroom options for students to engage in Authentic Work and Products.

What's New in Reflector2?

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Reflector 2
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To Install Reflector:

1. Go to your START menu,

2. Click on ALL PROGRAMS,

3. Scroll down and click on MICROSOFT SYSTEM CENTER,

4. Then, click on SOFTWARE CENTER,

5. Go to the search box in the top right and click on the FIND ADDITIONAL APPLICATIONS FROM THE APPLICATION CATALOG (blue words under the search box.)

6. Find REFLECTOR2 and click dark blue INSTALL button on the bottom right. After it installs, you should see it pop up in the bottom toolbar (red screened computer icon.)

Connect to AirPlay on your IOS Device

Now, you need to get your iPad or iPhone to connect to your computer. Go to the bottom edge of your device and swipe up. The AIRDROP and AIRPLAY icons should show up. You will need to tap the AIRPLAY (on the right) and it will pull up a bunch of possible devices to connect with. Look at the computer number (on your desktop screen) and look for that number in the possibles on your device. If you don't see it, click on the Reflector icon on the screen to nudge the computer to connect.
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Once you find your computer name (starts with your campus number and followed by your specific computer number,) select it. A small green check mark should appear to the side of it. Pull down a little and look at the MIRRORING toggle. It will be turned off, and you will need to slide it over to make it green.
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Connecting to Reflector2

Once your device starts "talking" to Reflector on your computer, a white pop-up box should appear with a short code. You will need to type in that screen code on your device. When you are finished and want to disconnect, go back into AIRPLAY and slide the MIRRORING toggle to the OFF position.
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Enabling Reflector App & AirPlay Mirroring on IOS 8 - The Hidden Switch

Resources for Teaching with iPads

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