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1. Forgotten iCloud password: How to recover it back?

iCloud helps in storing your personal data securely, such as personal photo, favorite music, contacts, documents, videos and much more on iCloud. With this, Apple users can access or share data on their movable devices, like iPad, iPhone or mac laptops. In case you have forgotten your iCloud password, you don’t need to worry. The iCloud password is basically used to log into iCloud on Mac OS X and Apple devices, and also used to log into You can recover forgotten iCloud password by getting in touch with a right Apple tech expert. Read more at

2. Add / Reset New Printer to QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks payroll is one of the features of QuickBooks software. QuickBooks users can prepare their payroll using the business accounting software program from Intuit. Many businesspeople prefer to have payroll in-house. The payroll procedure starts with the making of your employee list. The list contains information of employee date of birth, SSN (social security number), marital status, the number of dependants, and address details. A payroll item consists of state withholding tax, salary wages, commissions, hourly wages, bonuses, and much more. The most suitable time of making payroll is when your company details are set up. To do so, it is necessary to add / reset a new printer to QuickBooks 2016. Read more at

3. Setting Up Your E-mail in Outlook Express

Outlook is an e-mail software program that has the capability to send and receive e-mails conveniently. There are mainly two versions of Outlook: Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. Outlook Express is an email program that lets you supervise, store, send and accept email messages. The software program is the most popular among Outlook customers. In addition, if you download and install Internet Explorer, you can get the free email program too. It doesn’t give you an email account but you need to add or setup pre-existing ones in the software.

In today’s time, Outlook Express is given much privilege by business people and employees because it is considered the best program from the business point of view. For getting an Outlook Express support, you need to dial a toll-free number. With this, you will be able to get connected to a right Outlook certified tech expert. Read more at