Deborah Underwood

Children's Author

Meet Deborah Underwood!

Before writing children's books she was a street musician and worked in an accounting office. I am so happy she decided to become a children's author!

Deborah Underwood's writing is inspired by her friends and they read each others writing and make suggestions. She writes both fiction and non-fiction books.

I love her books!

She grew up in Walla Walla, Washington and wanted to be an astronomer when she was young. Learn more by visiting her wonderful website:

Mrs. Crook's Tweets with Deborah Underwood

Inspiration for an illustration in The Christmas Quiet Book


@underwoodwriter Someone's dad is a costume designer quiet - LOVE IT! and all things quiet and loud! #happynewyear


@WESMediaCenter Belated thanks--costume designer page inspired by traumatic third-grade experience I had. :)


@underwoodwriter Will share that with students #thanks#writinginspiration #authorstudy I love your books!



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