Mrs. McCorkle's Rockin' News

May 9-13, 2016

In the News

Dates to know:

-May 13: Art Show 6:30-8:00pm

-May 19: Class Field Trip to Camp Belzer

-May 24: Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

-May 25: Field Day

-May 26: Award's Day

-May 27: Last day of school!!!

**Please turn in $5.00 or a snack for 10 students for the month of May if you already have not paid or sent in anything.

**We are in need of the following supplies: construction paper, Clorox wipes, and small index cards. If you would like to donate any of these items, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

**Free iPad Time (Homework time) 2:00-2:15 everyday: If students do not do homework, this will be the time that they can work on it and get help from a teacher (no iPad "credit" time given). Friday's: If a student does homework every night (a majority of nights), then they will be able to earn 30 minutes of Free iPad time, download a new app (if purchased with Dojo points in the store), or other rewards. If homework is completed by parents or homework is not completed, no "free" iPad time will be earned.


If you have not already, please consider adding me (Frankton Fit) as a friend on Facebook, so that I may add you to our secret group "Mrs. McCorkle's Rockin' News" and you can see pictures of the kids. If there are other family members that you would like to be added also, feel free to send me a note or message, have them friend request me, and then I can add them to our group. This is a secret group, so I will have to add people, it is not published pubically for people to be able to find or see.

Fun Games to Play!!

Check this section as it will change every week with different fun games to play and different ways to write sight words!

Salt Tray: Grab a tray or baking sheet with edges. Pour salt in. Write the word in salt. When your child says it correctly, they get to erase the word by shaking it EASILY.

Who has more? Flash word cards to your child. If they read the word within 5 seconds, they get to keep the card. If not, you keep the card. If the child has more cards than you at the end, they win.

Words You Can Eat: Write your words in whipped cream, peanut butter, with carrots or anything you can eat.

Beat the Clock: See how many times your child can write a word in one minute (or 30 seconds). Or see how many flashcards your child can read in one minute.

Chalk Writing: Go outside and practice writing the sight words (or spelling words) with chalk on the sidewalk.

Play who am I?: Lay out the word cards. Then give the child clues to what the selected word is. For example, if the word was "red," you could say--I rhyme with bed. I had three letters. I end with the letter D. Have the child locate the word.

Concentration: Create two sets of word cards. Place the word cards face down. Have your child turn over two cards, trying to make a match. Continue until all of the words are matched.

Coin Toss: Put words on the floor. Children take turns tossing a coin onto a word and saying the word. If they get the word correct, they keep the coin. If you like, first to 10 coins wins. Or see if they can collect all of the coins.

Stair Chase: Place two sight word cards on each stair. Let them pick one sight word on the way up, saying the word and picking up the card when they get it correctly. Have them practice the other sight word on the way down.

SNAP: You put the sight words you want them to practice on flash cards and put the flash cards into a jar. Also, you write the word SNAP on a few flash cards and put them in to the jar. The kids can play in partners or in a group of 3 or 4 siblings. They take turns pulling a card out of the jar. If they can say the word on the card automatically with no struggle, they get to keep the card. If they struggle, they have to put it back. If they pull out one of the cards that says SNAP, they have to put all of the cards they've drawn back. The first person to 5 cards (or 10) wins!

Word Hunt: Look for target words in books or in the newspaper. If using the newspaper your child can highlight or circle the words that he/she finds.

Word Jump: Write the sight words onto the driveway. Call out a word. Have your child jump their way to the sight word.

Word-O: This is played just like BINGO. Fill in a card with the words that you are working on. Call out the words and mark the spaces. The first one with a card covered calls out the word "WORDO!"


Having your child recite sight words isn't the only way to have them practice sight words. Having them write them out in fun ways helps them learn the spelling, too. You can make words using:

-Playdough (have your child make each letter)


-Wiki Sticks

-Alphabet Stamps

-Scrabble Tiles

-Magnetic letters


-Popsicle Sticks

-Salt on a Tray

-Sidewalk Chalk

-Sticks (in sand or dirt)