Vocabulary Menu~Smore

By: Sofia Caston


(n.) a substance that kills germs

(adj.) free from germs

Ex: You'll need an antiseptic to feel better.


to confuse completely

Ex: I am very befuddled by your statement.


1. paying attention

2. considerate of the needs of others; thoughtful

Ex: You need to be attentive in class.


anything common, uninteresting, or taken for granted

Ex: This commonplace instruction is no fun.


an interruption of the orderly course of something; a disturbance; a breakdown

Ex: The alarm made a disruption in the class.


highly colorful, flashy, or dashing

Ex: The girl stuck out because she was very flamboyant.


1. not capable of error; never wrong
2. dependable; without failure; certain

Ex: That program was made by a renowned coder, it's infallible!


a short trip, especially one taken for pleasure

Ex: I took a jaunt with my brother at the park.


loaded; weighed down

Ex: I was laden or weighed down at school by stress.


(n.) something that strongly attracts or tempts

(v.) to attract; to tempt

Ex: Like a moth to a flame, I was lured in the program.


(n.) a line of people, vehicles, and so on
(v.) to form, stand, or wait in a line (often used with up)

Ex: I had to wait in a queue.


1. to come or bring back to consciousness or life
2. to give or show new life, strength, or freshness

Ex: As a doctor, I have to revive many patients.


having or showing no shame, moral goodness, or sense of what is proper

Ex: He took a shameless selfie.


(n.) a false statement that is damaging to another person's reputation
(v.) to use or spread slander

Ex: Those bullies are spreading slander about me.


1. good for one's physical or mental health; healthful
2. of value to the mind or character; worthwhile

Ex: That organic food is wholesome!

Thank you!