L3 Speaking Assignment DUE

もくようび (mokuyoubi-Thursday) - Feb 16, 2017

Today's Important Info:


TODAY, your L3 Speaking assignment is due. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY!

☻ /

  • For your speaking assignment please make sure you have all the requirements in the speaking assignment.
  • Make sure that it is in .mp3 format or .wav and NOT .aup
  • You need to check to make sure your audio works BEFORE posting, and can work for others.
  • Read the feedback I gave you for your L1 and L2 speaking assignments.
  • Do your best! ^o^

DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE for any of your work in Japanese 1!! Your assignment will result in a 0%, plus your school will be notified of cheating.


Lesson 3 Vocabulary Audio ^o^

Click this link for the audio for lesson 3 vocabulary. ^o^

Important Info about Tomorrow:

  • L3 Quizzes are due tomorrow.
  • Make sure you have attended your coaching sessions. (sessions 1 & 2)
  • Monday, your Mod 1. L3 eLinguaFolio Assignment is due.

Please check out yesterday's short videos, if you haven't yet from yesterday! Go to yesterday's announcements for these videos. ^o^

Lesson 3 Grammar Practice:

Hint: To say "and" in Japanese, you will use the particle "と" (to) which means "and". ^_^

Please practice answering these questions. You can text me to check your answers! ^o^

*If you can't text, you can email me, or Canvas message me.

Big image

Student who got the extra credit yesterday! (✿◠‿◠)

It's in the order of when the student's answers were submitted, and CORRECT:

  1. Dobbs san
  2. Temkampol san
  3. Thompson san
  4. Lin san

If you texted me for the extra credit, it was either incorrect or partially incorrect. >.< Please fix it and text me again. Make sure you check the pictures again (check the object and where it's located to the SPEAKER), and check your answers before texting me.

If you did not try for the extra credit (yesterday's extra credit, see yesterday's announcement), you can still do it today. Please do so by 11:59pm.

What?? Extra Credit???

You still have another chance at the extra credit from yesterday!!!

Please go to yesterday's announcements for this!! ^o^