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August 2021

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

I am truly excited to welcome our entire student body, faculty, and staff back for what promises to be an exciting and wonderful year as we return to full-time in-person instruction this fall. It has been quite a while since our building has been filled with the voices of our students and we have spent the summer preparing to welcome everyone back on August 30.

The past year and a half has been challenging for many members of our school community and we are committed to ensuring student success and well-being as we come back together. Our faculty and staff will focus on four themes this year:

Connections - Establishing and reestablishing positive relationships with one another

Access - Ensuring all students can access challenging curriculum and courses

Rigor - Providing appropriately rigorous instruction and assessments for all students

Engagement - Inspiring students' attention, passion, curiosity and interest in learning

We will be constantly looking for ways to show that we CARE throughout the school year.

As we return to in-person instruction, all MCPS students and staff will be required to wear face coverings in school buildings this fall, regardless of vaccination status. This decision aligns with recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as local health officials. MCPS must ensure the safety of all students and staff as it prepares for a return to in-person instruction five days a week. Masking requirements will be reviewed regularly and are subject to change as the district reviews guidance from federal, state and local health officials. Face coverings are not required outdoors but are strongly recommended for unvaccinated individuals.

The remainder of this communication includes information to help you prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. Please read the information under each category heading carefully. We have made every effort to answer all the questions we are anticipating from you; however, if your question is not answered, please feel free to contact the main office at 240-740-0400.

I look forward to seeing many of you soon. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer.


Shelton Mooney, Ed.D.


In This Edition

New Student Orientation

New Parent Meeting

Back to School Night

New Staff at B-CC

School Supplies

Chromebooks and Personal Devices

Student Service Learning (SSL)



Bell Schedules and Advisory Program

School Meals

School Calendar

Course Fees and Financial Obligations

Drop-Off and Pick-up Locations

Emergency Forms and Contact Information

Health Room Information

IB and AP Testing Updates

School Policies

Student Attendance

Student Safety

Cell Phone Policy

Home-School Communication - Who Do I Contact?

Counselor Assignments

Transportation Information

Important Notifications

Welcome from Our Parent Partner Organizations

The partnership between our school and our parent community is critical. Please consider supporting these organizations which help support our school and help us provide the best education possible to our students.

PTSA (en espanol) -- Educational Foundation -- Athletic Boosters -- Music Boosters

New Administrator Assignments This Year

B-CC will no longer use grade level assignments for administrators. Each student's administrator will be based on their last name. Please use the information below to identify your administrator.

Ms. Christine Rizkallah - Students with Last Names A - C

Ms. Vickie Adamson - Students with Last Names D - Hi

Dr. David Mugerwa - Students with Last Names Hj - Mc

Ms. Rebecca Sutton - Students with Last Names Md - Sb

Mr. Douglas Nelson - Students with Last Names Sc - Z

New Student Orientation

All ninth graders and tenth graders, as well as any students who are new to B-CC, are invited to New Student Orientation on Thursday, August 26th, 7:45 – 11:30 a.m. School buses will run on the normal a.m. schedule, which can be found by clicking here.

New Student Orientation is a great opportunity for students to learn about B-CC, meet their teachers, and see our building.

New Parent Meeting

A New Parent Orientation is scheduled for the evening of August 26th from 7 – 8:00 p.m. Parents new to B-CC will have the opportunity to visit information tables from 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. and the program begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.

Back to School Night

Back-to-School Night is on Thursday, September 9th. The class visits will begin at 7:00 p.m., and parent information tables will be out from 6 – 7 p.m. Parking is very limited so early arrival is strongly recommended. This is an opportunity to meet your child’s first semester teachers. Parents will follow their child’s class schedule, spending a few minutes meeting each teacher. Schedules are available via ParentVUE and StudentVUE.

New Staff

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School Supplies

In high school, students take such a wide variety of courses that there is not one set list of supplies. Students should arrive on the first day with a backpack, pens / pencils and paper. Each teacher will provide information on supplies needed for their specific classes.

Chromebooks and Personal Devices

Each student in MCPS has been issued a chromebook. Students are not required to bring their MCPS chromebooks to school everyday, unless directed by their teacher. If your student does not have an MCPS Chromebook, they may retrieve a device from the Media Center during the school day.

NOTE: Students who opt to use a personal device may experience network connectivity issues. Technical support for personal devices is not provided.

Student Service Learning

Students must complete 75 hours of Student Service Learning as requirement before graduation. Marie Henry, one of B-CC’s counselors, is our SSL coordinator.

Completed SSL forms can be submitted to the bin located in the Counseling Office or electronically by emailing them to


Tryouts for Fall sports began on August 11th. Updated information about athletics can always be found at Schedules for games can also be found at Winter sport tryouts begin on November 15th and Spring tryouts begin on March 1st. Registration will begin about 3 weeks before each tryout date. Registration for athletics is now done online via ParentVUE, and instructions can be found here Mr. Mike Krawczel,, is our athletic director. All questions regarding athletics can be directed to our coaches or to Mr. Krawczel.


Our Homecoming football game will be played on Friday, October 1, 2021. We will play against Wootton High School. The Homecoming Dance will be at B-CC High School in the gym on Saturday, October 2nd.

School Meals

All meals will be provided free of charge during the 2021-2022 school year.

MCPS will continue to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to all students in schools and at designated food distribution sites. It is recommended that families still complete the 2021-2022 FARMS application that is now available online. Here is the link: If you need assistance completing the online form, please contact your student’s counselor.

School Calendar

Click here for highlights from this year's calendar.

Check out the B-CC website for the most up-to-date information about important events.

Course Fees and Financial Obligations

Technology, engineering, art, photography and music courses could have fees that cover the cost of component parts of a project that will become student property or items that are for students’ personal use. During the first week of school your child will be given a notice about fees due in any of his or her classes. Be sure to pay course fees within the first week of school at The same link can be used to pay students’ financial obligations, which carry over from year to year (and from middle to high school).

Students with financial obligations will not be permitted to be rostered onto team sports or participate in extracurricular activities (e.g., Homecoming dance, etc.).

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

Ensuring that none of our students or staff members, including students who drive, become entangled in an accident with families dropping off, it’s important that everyone adhere to procedures for pick-up and drop off. Families who drive their students to school must drop-off and pick-up either on the Chelton Road side of the school (by the auditorium) or off of Pearl St. under the covered parking area. The East-West Highway entrance is the student parking area and the school bus entrance. Parents dropping off and picking up their students cannot use the East-West Highway entrance to ensure student drivers and school buses can enter and park safely.

Emergency Forms and Contact Information

Student Emergency Information should be updated through ParentVUE. Each year parents/guardians are required to complete the Annual Verification of Information through the Online Registration portal (in the right corner of your ParentVUE home screen). We highly recommend that you complete this as soon as possible. It is critically important that we have accurate parent contact information on file with the school and system as soon as possible.

Here are links to the ParentVUE Support Guide and directions for completing the annual verification of information.

Health Room Updates

Health room staff plan to be available beginning August 24, 2021. Forms may be submitted over the summer by:

a) Emailing to

c) Mail: Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School 4301 East-West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814

d) Drop off to the health room beginning August 24, 2021

Please Note: Health room staff will NOT be monitoring health forms sent to the nurse's email and/or school over the summer; forms will be reviewed when health staff return in August 2021. For school-related health matters that require planning during the summer, please call School Health Services during normal weekday business hours at 240-777-1550.

Summer physicals & healthcare appointments:

Please plan to bring health forms that are applicable to appointments your child may have this summer:

Health Inventory Form, Medication Authorization Form, Anaphylaxis Medication Form, Asthma Action Plan/Medication Form, Dental Health Form

Medication requirements for 2021-2022 School Year:

All medications at school require an authorization form to be completed by a healthcare provider and parent/guardian. This pertains to all prescription, over the counter and emergency medications kept in the health room or self-carried by students. Links to these forms are contained in section 1, above. Parents/guardians are requested to call the health room prior to dropping off medications and forms so we can arrange to meet you.

Immunization Requirements for 2021-2022 School Year:

All students must have up to date immunization records prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Parents should contact their doctor to make sure their child is properly immunized and submit a copy of the documentation to the Health Room at your child’s school as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, August 30, 2021 the first day of the 2021-2022 school year.

Immunizations for students new to MCPS and children in Kindergarten through Grade 12, are available Monday through Friday, by appointment, at locations in Rockville and Germantown.

Appointments are available at:

  • School Health Services Immunization Clinic at Rocking Horse Road: 4910 Macon Road. Rockville; Phone: 240-740-4430

  • Germantown Health Center: 12900 Middlebrook Rd. Germantown; Phone: 240-777-3380

Visit this webpage to view the full list of immunization requirements for students.

Asthma & Allergies:

Please complete and submit a Student Asthma Management Plan (SAMP) and Allergy Form if your child has asthma and/or allergies. For medications at school relating to Asthma and Allergy management, please refer to sections 1 and 2 above for forms and medication requirements.

Student Code of Conduct

The MCPS Code of Conduct and A Student's Guide to Rights & Responsibilities will be distributed to all students at the beginning of the school year. They are also online at

Student Attendance

Ms. Dora Aviles, Attendance Secretary, 240-740-0409

Arriving to each class every day on time at 7:45 a.m. not only ensures students have continuity of instruction, but also demonstrates students’ respect for the time and effort teachers put into planning lessons.

Parents do not need to call the attendance office for students missing school for less than (3) three consecutive days due to unexpected illness. Upon their return students must submit a note from his or her parent or guardian to the attendance secretary requesting an excuse for an unexpected illness. For the absences to be excused, notes must be received within 3 days upon the student’s return. Attendance notes must include the student’s name and i.d. number as well as the dates of and reason for the absence. Notes submitted electronically are acceptable, but notes have to include a parent signature, so electronic copies must be scanned/photographed and emailed to

If students have a planned absence from school, parents should write a note in advance of the absence. Students with a note for an early dismissal should take the note directly to the attendance office. Students leaving early or arriving late must sign in and out of school so that we can account for the whereabouts and safety of all students.

A list of excused and unexcused absences is available in the Student’s Guide to Rights and Responsibilities as well as the school’s student handbook. Forged attendance notes will result in an unexcused absence as well as additional consequences for dishonesty. Please note, the absences of students who demonstrate a pattern of missing classes on days when assessments are given or on days when major projects are due will be closely examined, even if the students bring notes. Please encourage your child to communicate with his or her teachers, counselor and/or grade level administrator about feeling stressed or overwhelmed well before assignments are due. This enables school personnel to help your child problem solve, with the aim of preventing him or her from falling into a pattern of school avoidance.

For unexcused absences teachers may deny students the opportunity to earn credit for missed work / assessments. Students who accumulate excessive absences in any class will be required to complete an Attendance Intervention Plan, and fulfill attendance goals for the remainder of the semester in order to earn a passing grade in the course. Once students have accumulated five or more unexcused absences in any class, additional assignments and time spent after school in a credit recovery program could be required to restore course credit.

Student Safety

Ensuring a safe environment for students is our highest priority. The administrative team, counselors and school nurse will work in close partnership with families to educate students and implement intervention strategies to increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol and substance use. The administrative team will also communicate and enforce school policies to keep students safe in the hopes that no family has to endure the tragic loss of their child due to an alcohol/drug-related incident.

Most recently, vaping is a practice that entices some students. The vaping devices are small, odorless and discreet, and the liquids come in flavors young people find appealing. In using the devices students can be inhaling high amounts of nicotine or a liquid form of marijuana, posing a threat to their health and a threat of addiction. Vaping devices, liquids and paraphernalia are strictly prohibited in school. Resources on vaping can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention site.

Under no circumstances will students be admitted to school events (games, dances, etc.) if they are suspected to be under the influence or in possession of alcohol, drugs, vaping devices or other paraphernalia. Students are not permitted to bring backpacks, water bottles etc. into games or dances. Students who are found to be under the influence or in possession of alcohol or any substances at school or a school event—or distributing illegal/controlled substances--will be given school consequences and referred to the police. In addition, students will forfeit participation in their extracurricular / athletic activities as well participation in future school events. If you suspect that your son or daughter is using alcohol or other drugs, screening services are available in Montgomery County. For additional information, visit the county government’s SASCA website. Additional resources include: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Caron and Shady Grove Adventist Healthcare.

Cellphone Policy

Students are permitted to use cell phones before and after school, in between classes and during lunch. If you must reach your child during the school day, please call or text during one of these times. For emergencies that occur during class time, please call the main office.

Cell phones should be silenced and out of sight during class unless the teacher is engaging students in an activity in which students can use their phones to access the internet.

Students who use cell phones at inappropriate times during class or who skip class in order to use their phones are demonstrating disrespect for the significant amount of time their teachers have put into planning and implementing lessons. Students who chronically use their phones at inappropriate times, who use phones in inappropriate ways or who fail to put their phones away when prompted, could lose the privilege of carrying a phone throughout the school day, among other consequences. In some cases, parents will be called to come to the school to pick-up the student’s phone.

Who Do I Contact?

Have a question? Need to know who to contact? Check out this list!

Counselor Assignments

Find your child's counselor by clicking here!



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