Used to make nuclear weapons

Facts about Uranium

Uranium is an element in the periodic table. It is used to make nuclear weaponary but is more commanly used to power nuclear power plants. It was created in a supernova 6.6 billion years ago. It is mainly found in the earths crust and it causes continental drift.

What is Uranium Used for and What is the Periodic Table?

Uranium is very commannly used for nuclear power and weponary. It can also be used for armour piercing projectiles, photography toner and mordant for textiles. It is a naturally occuring metal and is founn din many rocks but more often the earths crust.

The periodic table is a record amd diagram of all the elements. It is colour coded so you can tell if the element is a reactive metal, metal, non metals and gasses. Dmitri Mendeleev was the invenor of teh periodic table in 1869 for a presentation.