1.The health in the Middle Age

It is important to stay healthy

2. Key terms

Humors- body fluids

Bad odors- how disease is spread

Barbers- did early surgery's

3. Main Characters

Doctor- treated people

Barbers- performed surgery

Coroner's- determined how people died

4. Statements

"There were many myths and superstitions about health and hygiene as there still are today."

"The body was viewed as a part of the universe, a concept derived from the Greeks and Romans. Four humors, or body fluids, were directly related to the four elements: fire=yellow bile or choler; water=phlegm; earth=black bile; air=blood."


Andrea Smith 4th period

5.Why did the doctor help the people while they were sick ?

Wanted to restore balance

Why did they pray for them?

This was a spiritual process as well