Washington Monument

By Misha Timonin & Mridul Singh

Description of Place

The Washington Monument is a wonder of Washington D.C. It is the tallest building in D.C. No other building are taller because of safety regulations. The monument is made of granite and Maryland marble. It is 169.3 meters high, and weighs 91,000 tons. It was completed in 1844. The top is made of aluminum and weighs 100 ounces.

History of Place

  • Was built in honor for George Washington, first president of the United States America

  • It was first proposed in 1783 when Congress(continental) accepted funds to stand a statue in Washington.

  • In 1833, Washington National Monument Society selected a design for a memorial to the first president of United States of America.
  • The building was complete in 1884 and was the world's tallest structure for 5 years.

Events or Trends

  1. The Washington Monument was closed in the 1990’s for restoration.

  2. In August 23, 2011 an earthquake struck D.C damaging the monument. It reopened in May 2014.

  3. Target gave $1 million and served as the lead sponsor in restoring the monument after the earthquake.

Association With Individuals Who Made a Lasting Contribution

  1. The Army Corps of Engineers made themselves responsible for its completion.

  2. It was dedicated by President Chester Arthur in 1885.

  3. They stopped building the monument when the Civil War broke out, and the monument was only 152 feet tall.

Architectural Merit

  1. Pope Pius IX donated a stone from a temple to put into the monument.

  2. The top of the monument was made of aluminum.

  3. It took more than 40 years to build the Monument.

Potential to Contribute to a Better Understanding of Our Past

  1. Because of the things George Washington did, the monument was built in his honor, so we can learn about him.

  2. We could learn about how people built things back then.

  3. Also we can understand what people did, and not make the same mistakes.