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Eduphoria is set to release the NEW Test Creation "wizard" SOON. This means when you login, if you are creating a new test, it may look a bit different. You will see options like those shown below. They have split up the different test creation options into 1) Create a New Test, 2) Copy an Existing, or 3) Create a Quicktest key. ("Legacy" refers to the old wizard. It will continue to be available for a short period of time.)

**Something to note...You will not see "Create a New TEACHER Test." The system will default test type to match your roles as assigned in Eduphoria.

In the Works

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Text-to-Speech in the Online Testing Portal & an Equation builder/text editor for math are currently in production. Options include:

  • Students can have questions and answer choices read to them in full or they can highlight specific words to be read aloud.
  • Teachers will be able to manage who receives this support and update needs as necessary through Test Proctoring.
  • District and Campus leaders can manage student supports and save default testing support needs for each child.

They will be demoed at the Texas Assessment Conference, November 2-5, at the Eduphoria booth. Stop by for a preview, if you plan on attending.

Quicktest Key...but better!

You asked, they listened!!

In the new Test Creation platform, creating a Quicktest key with multiple question types is SO much easier!!

Add question types to your key by clicking Add Rule then selecting the desired type. Numerical response griddables and constructed response score ranges can be formatted here as well. Once all questions have been added click Create Quick Key.

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Teacher To-Do's

  • If you haven't already, mark your Strive goals from last year complete AFTER you add evidence.
  • Work towards completing this year's goal. Remember to add evidence as you go or upload training certificates to your action steps (if applicable).
  • Try out the New test creation platform, if you haven't already!
  • Do you know how your students performed on last year's assessments? View your data with a different lens by accessing multiple templates in Analyze. Click here for instructions.

Administrator Notes

Strive has been updated to a New look! Some features include smaller widget notifications across the top, mobile access optimization, & walkthrough timeline filter (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month). See example images in the Strive section below.

Do you want to get email notifications regarding evaluations/walkthroughs? You can set up Appraisal Alerts in Strive. Choose from weekly or monthly notifications.

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Access Strive on any device.

Strive can be accessed on mobile devices and phones using the Internet browsers installed on them. Simply access Eduphoria through your mobile device browser as you would on a computer. Login with your district username and password.
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