Week of September 22nd


Thank you all for your hard work getting ready for our first round of UFA's. We had a great turn out and parents are ready to work with their children at home. Special thanks to Maryam for all her hard work getting the data and powerpoints ready.


community meeting over the intercom

Workshop begins


8:40 reading assembly



minimum day

School wide writing prompt 8:45

workshop groups push in


Ms. Arnold off site at principal PD

workshop continues


workshop continues


As discussed at our retreat, workshop will begin this week. Maryam has shared with each grade level who will be pushing in and when they will be pushing in. Monday and Tuesday may be used to make sure your routines and workshop structures are in place. Wednesday groups will be pulled and worked with outside of the classroom either in C3, Dpod, or Maryam's office.

Reading Festival


Please sign up in the office if you are able to come to the first reading festival. So far we have me, Coach Eric, Cristina, and Becky. Hopefully we can get a few more volunteers to make the even successful.

Reading assembly

Our first reading assembly will be on Tuesday at 8:40. Please just drop of your backpacks, complete attendance and come to the auditorium.

Buy Back Day

October 10th will be our first buy back day. As part of the science cohort we will participate in an all day pd at Melrose Leadership Academy with the science team. Please sign up On-Track. Use the link below to sign up.

Focal 50

Please give me the names of your grade level focal 10 students by Friday, September, 26th. Once they have been identified we can begin to make a plan for how we will meet the groups needs this year.