Stella & Dot News January 2016

by Shawna Florness, Star Stylist

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Happy New Year and Hello 2016!!!!

Okay, so December was quite the blur!! It's all a little fuzzy and it's not from too much wine (well...maybe a little bit ...)!! Where did it go? Oh yeah...5 hockey tournaments and a Florness road trip and Christmas Tour through Saskatchewan! I completely missed my December newsletter, but with all the Black Friday and Dot Dollars stuff going on near the end of November, you were probably sick of hearing from me anyway! :)

My crazy-busy life aside, I would like to sincerely thank you all for your loyalty and support of my Stella & Dot business in 2015! I truly love doing this and enjoy having "my time" to do something I really love outside of all my family commitments! My "Stellaversary" is coming up on Jan. 26th and I can't believe I've been a stylist for 3 years already!! I signed up for the discount, started slow and in less than 3 years, I've had 4 promotions and have built a double-digit team! Who knew?? Certainly not me! So THANK YOU to my customers and THANK YOU to my amazing team for making this all possible!!

So what's new with me?
2016 is already shaping up to be game-changer and I can't wait to see where it all goes. A clean CT scan for my dad in December after a year and a half of endless appointments, radiation and chemo is the BEST kick-start to 2016 EVER!!! Just last week my dad accepted an offer on his farm which is exciting but yet scary at the same time. So many decisions to be made with a move of this magnitude and it is extremely emotional to cut those last ties to the community my parents had lived in for over 35 years, the place where I grew up and those last ties to my mom as well.

My sister had surgery just after Christmas to remove a spot of melanoma on her leg but is recovering well and things look good so far. Although both my dad and sister are still in "watch and monitor mode", the worst seems to have passed and we can all move forward a little bit more.

My boys continue to grow and change every day (and stress me out!). Ha-ha! A new driver and a new car certainly come with a new set of worries and another trip to the hair salon for grey coverage for this little mamma! Ever busy with hockey and school (perhaps the oldest could spend a little more time with the schoolwork....) these young gents eat like 10 men and make me laugh every day. Love them to bits. Coach Dad is keeping up with them...but just barely some days!

So!!! Enough about me!! Let's talk all things Stella & Dot! To kick things off with a bang, January includes Hostess Bonus Days, the launch of our Spring Collection, amazing Trunk Show Exclusives, and a stylist sign up special! Let's dive in!

Dot Dollars Redemption Period

The Dot Dollar redemption period is now over and I will be doing the draw shortly to see who the winner will be for the Hostess Rewards from my Mystery Hostess Dot Dollar Redemption Trunk Show. There is $300 of free product up for grabs and I can't wait to see who the lucky lady is!!

I'm trying to decide if one winner takes all or perhaps it would be better to have multiple winners. If you used Dot Dollars during the redemption period, please email a quick note to with your preference. I will go with the majority.

Option #1 - one winner takes all
Option #2 - two winners - $150 each
Option #3 - 1st prize $125, 2nd prize $100 and 3rd prize $75

Let me know!

Hostess Bonus Days!

For the month of January, all hostesses will receive an extra $50 in free product credits on top of our regular hostess rewards! I've already ordered my spring samples and they should be arriving any day now!! I can't wait to share this gorgeous new line!! Let me know if you would like to be one of the first to debut the new line!! I need to book me some trunkies!! :)
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Trunk Show Exclusives

Spend $50 or more in the month of January and you can get any (or all) of these items at 50% off. My picks - the Westwood Scarf in dove grey, the Orbit Hoop earrings (set of 2), and the cute little Nolita Crossbody!
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Sign up Special!

Any Stylist who signs during the month of January will receive an extra $100 in free samples with their starter kit!! Thinking of starting something new for 2016? Want access to all the latest accessories at a discount or for free? Want to earn some extra $$? If you've said yes to any one of these questions - we should talk!!!

On the fence and want to learn more? Let's get together for coffee or wine and chat! I'd love for you to join my team - the Sparkle Squad!!
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Spring Collection 2016!!

I am so excited to share my favourites from the Spring Collection. Think sexy delicates, turquoise, layering, and gorgeous new everyday essentials. In general, I think this collection more than any other is right in the pocket for my customer base (that's YOU) and I think you are going to love it. As I was making my sample selections, so many of your names flashed in my mind - "Oh and so is going to love this!".

The collection was inspired by 5 different themes:

1) Ubud - (Bali, Indonesia)
2) Morroco
3) Graphic Tribal
4) Chic Boutique
5) Artisan Boutique

There are beautiful items within each of these inspirational themes but I think my favourite by far is the Morroco collection (2nd is Ubud)! Our chief design expert, Blythe Harris travels all over the world looking for inspiration and collecting ideas and the whole process from concept to launch takes an entire year!

I've include a short little Behind the Design video on Blythe. She truly is amazing and in my opinion, she has one of the best jobs EVER!


Totem Tassel Pendant Necklace

Up first is my favourite from the Ubud collection, the Totem Tassel Pendant! The tassel trend continues. Semi-precious turquoise stones and an adjustable length chain are key components to this necklace. I absolutely love the boho vibe and versatility of this necklace. I can see this beauty paired with a loose flowing top for an easy effortless look! There is also a Totem bracelet and earring to finish the look.
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Riad Layering Necklace

Let's talk about the Morroco Collection! My favourite! Alot of my top picks are from this area.

The Riad Layering Necklace is a gorgeous new everyday necklace - mixed metal perfection and so many options how to wear it! Surely to be a top seller and one of my "go to" accessories!

This necklace is a great example of the quality of craftsmenship in our pieces. Hand-braided and hand-beaded strands form this versatile necklace. Yes! By hand! Amazing.
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Drape Collar Necklace

These top picks are "All About the Drape" (insert Megan Trainer song here)!!! :)

A minimalist collar necklace is the MUST HAVE new necklace of the season! I think it is so sexy!! Makes a statement but yet is delicate and feminine at the same time. Love. Love. Love.

The Drape Collar Necklace was one of the first items I put in my shopping cart when selecting my samples! Ooh-la-la!

To continue with the "drape" trend - check out our new Bridge Bracelet!! I mean even this simple bracelet and ring combo looks sexy!! That's what I'm talking about!!! I love the concept and the originality of this piece! I love that it is delicate but so different and cool that it will sure to be noticed! You can also detach the chain and ring and just wear the bracelet on its own. Fabulous!

The Drape Earrings - I never thought I would say a pair of earrings were sexy, but they are! The gold or black studs can be worn with or without the ear jacket too. Yup! Dropped it in the sample shopping cart without hesitation! Me likey!
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New Moon Necklace and Arc Pendant

Another top pick from the Morroco Collection is the Arc Pendant and it pairs perfectly with the New Moon necklace from our Artisan Boutique. The Arc Pendant is a semi-precious magnesite stone with a tiny bit of pave stone detailing and the New Moon necklace has hand-set micro pave stones and a slender crescent.

Simple and delicate - everyday essentials at their finest!! Two more additions to my "go to" everyday staple list!
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Getaway Bag

A new pattern in my favourite bag!! I simply love this classic style. Black and cream pin-stripes, a fun mosaic pattern when extended, a bright colorful party on the inside, and gorgeous saddle-brown handles and details. This bag will never go out of style and I love it! Airports, overnights, the beach, the boat - this bag is going with me! Even my hubby and kids won't by shy to carry this one for mom!
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More top picks...

1) Bliss Statement Necklace - This one is for my statement lovers out there! They say coral/red is a flattering color on almost everyone. The bottom gold portion is removeable as well so you can wear the red strands by themselves or the gold strand on its own as well.

2) Swag Necklace - the collar and drape trends continue with this silver version. Includes a semi-precious howlite stone and you can reverse the whole necklace for an all silver look too!

3) Terra Layering Necklace - another versatile piece in a muted, matte gold finish with hand-set black diamond crystals. Mix and match the strands, wear them all together or alone or combine a strand with another one of your favourite necklaces. The subtle gold finish and black stones make this necklace a great everyday piece - not too flashy, just easy to wear and just right!

4) Turquoise Stone Layering - the turquoise trend continues with this versatile piece.
Again, mix and match the strands as much or as little as you like. There is also a matching turquoise cuff and ring that are both adorable.
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More top picks...

Some fantastic new leather double wraps (#1 and #2)!! Genuine leather, hand-beaded, and hand-embroidered! Amazing.
1) Sierra Double Wrap
2) Gilded Double Wrap (I'm predicting this to be a top seller) (Blythe's #1 pick)
3) Terra Ring - the perfect finish the look to the Terra Layering Necklace (above)
4) Sawyer Stone Stretch (turquoise) - I already have the sawyer stretch in white and wear it all the time. Can't wait to get this beauty in turquoise.
5) Alila Lace Necklace - inspired by vintage lace from Blythe's grandmother, Dot. Can be worn long or short.
6) Totem Bracelet - the perfect companion for my favourite Ubud necklace!
7) Plait Cuff - a gorgeous semi-shiny silver cuff! We need more silver and this gem will be a great addition to my collection!
8) Marlin earrings - silver everyday essential. Bigger than a stud but small enough to wear with any necklace.
9) Relic Studs - these little gems will go with anything (particularly my Relic Pendant necklace which I wear ALOT!)
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Stella & Dot's Top Picks

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Cheers to the Beginning of a New Year!

There you have it!!! The first edition of my newsletter for 2016!!

Hostess Bonus Days, Sign up Special, TSE's, and MY top picks from the Spring 2016 Collection. There are many more items in the Lookbook - check out catalogue link below to see more!

Looking forward to reconnecting with you in 2016 in some way!!! Look at your calendar and let's get those trunkies booked so we can get you and your friends looking good for spring!! And Valentine's Day is just around the corner too! :)

P.S. Yep...the pic is still me...thought I'd see if brunettes are really the ones who have more fun! :) :)


Shawna Florness

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