Library Update

May 1, 2015

Big Things are Happening!

Your students have been reading! 5000 books have been checked out this year, which is a record high for our campus!

And since our first Free Book Promotion was such a big success, we are planning to continue the program next year on a monthly basis!

If your students will be doing end-of-year research projects, let me know how I can help:

  • lessons on research skills
  • database overviews
  • book checkouts
  • anything else that may benefit your students!

Click the link below to reserve the library for your classes!

Technology NEWS

We will be transitioning to a one-to-one campus with student laptops next year! Stay tuned for more information!

About us

This is my second year as the library-media specialist at Carter-Riverside. I was a high school math teacher before that! I love reading, research, Web 2.0 tools, collaborating with teachers, and igniting passion in students to read, write, and discover their talents!