Same Sex- Marriage

By: Marissa Jurgelewicz

Thoughts of Same Sex Marriage

What's the issue?

That marriage has traditionally been defined as being between one man and one woman.

Why are people arguing about it?

That it creates a group of children who will live apart from there biological mother or father. Making the children question a lot about their mother or father.

What does Donald trump plan to do about this issue?

Trump has opposed same- sex marriage and wants the Supreme Court to reverse its 2015 decision that legalized same- sex marriage in the United States.

What do republicans in congress plan to do about the issue?

It got wrongly removed from the ability of congress to define marriage policy in the federal law.

What does hillary Clinton plan to do about the issue?

She supports same- sex marriage and wants it to be okay to express.

What do democrats in congress plan to do about this issue?

Wants to support for a United States constitutional amendment against same sex marriage.

What do other presidential candidates say about the issue?

Jill stein gives love and support to same sex marriage. Johnson supports gay marriage. He thinks the government has no business choosing who should be allowed the benefits of marriage and who should not.

What organizations are trying to fix the issue?

Organizations like United church of Christ welcome same sex- marriage in there churches.

What organizations are trying to hurt the issue?

Organizations like TFP Student Action give reasons on why same sex- marriage is harmful and should be opposed.

What is your position of this issue? What should be done to fix the problem?

I believe that same sex- marriage should be allowed in the United States. You should have the right to feel how you want to toward someone and not be shut down for it. To fix this problem we should let people live their lives how they want to without all this.