Articles of Confederation

Why It Failed

The Flaws

In the Articles of Confederation it basically states that the United States of America will be run by each state. Basically it means that each state will govern themselves without a much jurisdiction from a federal government. There is also no established currency, education system, or any protection agencies such as police and firemen.

What our Founding Fathers Thought

The Articles of Confederation created huge controversy in our government at the time. There were so many flaws in the Articles that there was no way it would work, yet there were people who were convinced that it would work and fought that as hard as they could. Our founding fathers realized how bad of a document this was to base our government on that they knew they had to create another. Thus the Constitution was created.

The Constitution

The Constitution was basically made using all of the mistakes that were in the Articles of Confederation as a guideline on what not to put into it. Although there were some small parts that were good about the Articles most of it was not useful to be put into the Constitution.