Jim Stark


Character traits

Strong,he had strong personality because when he was being called a chicken he would want to prove them wrong, like when the called him a chicken at the planetarium he agreed to do the ch-icky run that night.Also after buzz did not make it out the car and he died he wanted to go to the police and tell them what was going on and that he had been involved.That made him have a strong personality but also brave and proud.

Sincere,at the beginning of the movie he offers him his jacket. he was also sincere because he was friends with Plato even when no one liked Plato and he was his only friend and he treated him kindly.he also ran after Plato after he tried shooting him and wanted to keep him calm to be able to take him out the planetarium safely.

Determined,he is determined to start a new life and stop moving, "for once i want to do something right! And i don't want you to run away from me again". He is also determined to make his dad stronger and have courage to stand up to his mom and stop being a chicken"

One of his challenges was to get his dad to stop being a coward and he was disappointed in his dad and his parents not understanding him and always getting in arguments.Getting drunk and arrested after fight with his dad because he was frustrated and angry with him.

Jim changed through out his experiences in the movie mostly towards then end because while they were hiding in the abandon house and he was with Judy he realized that being caring and was a not a bad thing and didn't make him or his father a chicken.

The chickie run was an important symbol because its a symbol of peer pressure.

I think the theme of this story is that teens rebel over things that they might not notice and that peer pressure leasing cause to rebellion. I think this is the main lesson because all three teens had family problems and there parents did not understand the reason for there rebellion, and because peer pressure and wanting to fit in led them them to having problems.

"why do you think being called a "chicken" really gets to Jim? Why do you think that the other kids give Jim such a hard time?"

I think that it really got to Jim when they called him a chicken because he didn't want to be known as a weak person and wanted to show that he was a man and he could take control of any situation.I think the other kids gave a hard time because he was new and because he was trying to fit in with them and buzz was peered pressured to mess with him.