The Diary of Anne Frank


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Mrs. VanDaan

Mrs. VanDaan was born on September 29, 1900 in Germany. She was very stylish. She was married to Mr. VanDaan. They both brought fun to the secret annex. They had major arguments. She likes to cook and talk about politics.

Be Courageous in Tough Times

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “Be courageous in tough times,” is seen throughout. When they all have started going in the Secret Annex they are all sad to leave their homes but have courage that they will live in the Secret Annex. “The Secret Annex will be better for all of us” (370). Anne and her mother do not get along very well. She says that her mother does not understand her. Margot said, “That all girls go through a stage that Anne is going through with her mother” (399).

Having Hope can Change your Point of View

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “Having hope can change your point of view,” is seen throughout. Anne writes in her diary almost everyday she tells about her day and how she feels. This is when allies are landing and trying to defeat Hitler. Anne writes in her diary, “That the best feeling she has is that friends are coming to help.” (429). Allies are landing close to where they are and they all are getting excited. Mr.Frank said, “We all are going to be liberated soon since the invation has started (428).

Fur Coat

In The Diary of Anne Frank, a symbol that represents Mrs.VanDaan, is her fur coat. Her fur coat represents her because her father bought it for her. She always says that he always bought new things instead of used. This also represents her my showing her attitude towards people. Her family was rich when she was younger.


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