Christopher Columbus: Good or Bad?

Views have become skeptical on Christoper Columbus.

How he was a good guy -

  • Columbus proved it was possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean and back

  • Columbus found routes to Central America

  • Columbus led four voyages across an uncharted ocean in wooden sailing ships that could have been destoryed

  • Columbus opened up the Americas for exploration

Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 1492 at 11:45pm

Atlantic Ocean

Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492!
Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened

How he was a bad guy -

  • Columbus did anything to get his hands on gold - he took gold from the natives on the new land

  • He turned the Taino people into servants - Columbus enslaved the native people and made them into slaves

  • Columbus was then corrupted by the Spanish govenement for ensaving the natives