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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Taking the Leap

Meeting on a Saturday? You bet! We are taking the plunge to revisit and redesign our Mission, Vision, and Goals and our Policies and Procedures for the ultimate impact on our campuses!

Goals - What are our Top 3?




Mission - Why do we exist?

Here are a few to look over:

Multiple Missions for different libraries within one system:

Different Library Mission Statements:

AASL Links Page:

Plethora of links from AASL for School Library Mission Statement Examples:

Middle School Site:

Video Example of a Leader Telling it Like it Is!

Vision - Where do we want to go?

Policies and Procedures - Some Example Headings

Items for Library Media Specialists and Administration:

BISD District Mission Statement 3

Library Media Specialist Mission Statement

Library Bill of Rights

American Library Association Code of Ethics

Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling

21st Century Learner Expectations

Library Media Specialist Job Description

Library Media Specialist Evaluative Tool

Yearly Timeline

Student Conduct

Circulation Procedures

Fundraisers/Activity Fund *Include Book Fairs

Gift and Donation Procedures

Use of the Library Learning Commons for Meetings

Preparing a Budget Request

Inventory Procedures

Selection of Print and Non-print Materials and Media




Items for Your Stakeholders:

Mission Statement for District

Library Media Center Mission Statement

Birdville School Board Policy

Library Bill of Rights

American Library Association Code of Ethics

Student’s Right to Read

Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Library Media Specialist Job Description

Library Hours

Conduct in the Library

Student Responsibility

Teacher Responsibility

Library Media Specialist Responsibility

Circulation Procedures

Procedures for Donations

Selection of Materials

Request for Reconsideration

Debby Reiling

I have included my contact information, if you want to reach me at Region 11.

Things to Ponder

October 2014 Snapshot Day - What do you want to highlight?

Be the change you want - advocate the simple way - 2 minute video - PowerPoint, Animoto - SHARE with your Principal, IT, Parents, TWEET it out!

Remember the word Leader has the word LEAD imbedded!