Forest North Digital Learning Day

Showcasing our digital accomplishments

Digital Learning Day

Wednesday, Feb 6th, 7:45am-12:45pm

Forest North Elementary School

Presentations by our tech-sperts will take place in the library all day (February 6) while student work showcases will be in the halls for the entire month of February. You can read more about it here.


Our Digital Learning Day project is being showcased by the Instructional

Technology department around RRISD as an example for other schools

on how to incorporate Digital Learning! We are proud to be a part of this

day and we encourage everyone to participate!

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Forest North Eagles: students, staff, and community members are participating in the second annual National Digital Learning Day, "a national campaign that celebrates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in classrooms across the country."

The entire month of February will be dedicated to showcasing our digital accomplishments. Join us on February 6 to celebrate our digital accomplishments with presentations by our tech-sperts, a special showing of Forest North: The Movie, student presentations, and more!

Schedule and Sign up

8:00-8:30AM: [Carlos Granja, Computer Engineer, Dell]
8:35-9:05AM: [Dave Rhea, video game engineer]
9:10-9:40AM: [Alison Urban, Director of Operations,Community TechKnowledge]
9:45-10:15AM: [Terry Tolleson, Graphic Designer]
10:20-10:50AM: [Jonathan Nelson, Director of Communications, Texas Academy of Family Physicians]
10:55-11:25AM: [Nick Fournier, Electrical and Computer Engineer, Manager, AMD]
11:30-12:00PM: [Loren Guerra, Technical Recruiter]
12:05-12:35PM: [Nick Fournier, Electrical and Computer Engineer, Manager, AMD]

Teachers, sign up here!


Two prizes will be delivered on Thursday, February 28 to:

  • one class
  • one student

who have:

  • the most involvement in digital learning day,
  • the highest viewer ratings,
  • who showcase the most innovative technology.

Be sure to participate so you can be eligible for one of two prizes!!

Congratulate these teachers on becoming Teacher Tech Stars for mastering a specific technology task!