LMS News Bulletin



Another great week is behind us. I just can't thank you enough for the great job you continue to do for our kids. I want to say I get tons of compliments on our school regularly and I should do a better job sharing those thoughts with you. Just know, they are out there and people are proud with the way our school is serving our community.


- Jennifer Mohr, Connie Moss, and Cindy Jackson for serving on the secretary hiring committee. Thanks for your time!

- Jackie Dodd for putting up with my printer!

- Ashlynn Boettcher for implementing iPad use in the classroom!

-Kellye Carter for the Andy Warhol art assignment!

There are literally so many things to compliment I can't remember them all. Please know that our kids appreciate your efforts daily.

Peeking into the future:

If you have ever, or are planning on having students produce work you would like to display, I want you to begin setting aside works you would like to use. In April, we are going to host a spring showcase. The idea is parents will come to visit the school and students will have an opportunity to show their parents what they've been doing this year. Ideally, each kid will have something to show but this is not necessarily a certified guarantee. The LISD administrative team is still working out the details, and it won't be perfect the first time but it's an opportunity for our students to showcase their talents.


1. Read the observations I share with you. Many times we receive the email explaining to us that we were observed...we electronically sign the document and go on about our business. I try to provide feedback, positive and negative, that I believe will help you improve. Third party feedback is a great thing, and we should use it to improve our craft.

2. I'm hoping the interview committee will have selected a secretary by the middle of next week. Remember, this is a private process and I know "word gets around". It's important that we keep information about hiring as private as possible out of respect for all applicants. If you hear scuttlebutt, squash it and redirect the conversation out of respect please. Thanks!

3. Keep your phones charged: #edChat is coming! More information soon!

Weekly Calendar:

*Make note to changes in the duty schedule for the Spring!*

Mon - 2/1

Lesson Plans - 8:00 AM

Interviews 3:45

Tues - 2/2

Interview 8:00

Wed - 2/3

Faculty Meeting 3:45

Thurs - 2/4

Faculty Meeting 7:30

BB vs Franklin - 5 PM

WB @ Franklin - 5 PM

*last game of the season - come out and show support!*

Fri - 2/5


January Birthdays:

Donna Ross - January 6

Jen Lansford - January 9

Jennifer Mohr - January 14

Tracey Aduddell - January 30

Upcoming Dates to Remember

2/2 - Special Olympics Meeting - Giddings

2/3 - Faculty Meeting

2/4 - BB/WBB vs Franklin

2/12 - Dress Up Day

2/15 - #edChat is coming!

2/17 - CEIC

2/20 - Robotics Competition

3/2 - Faculty Meeting

3/3 - LMS Track @ Rockdale

3/10 - LMS Track @ Giddings

3/14-3/18 Spring Break

3/21 - LMS Track @ Jarrell

3/22 - CEIC

3/28 - 5th Parent Night

4/1 - LMS Track Meet

4/5 - 5th Transition Day

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