England's absolutely stunning capitol.

Our Weather is Blissful

London’s weather couldn’t be more inviting. Because of England’s location, the Greenwich Meridian runs straight through London. Since England is blessed with the Gulfstream, we don’t have extremely hot summers or freezing winters. Temperatures usually reach 70° - 80°F in July and just below freezing in January. We also have lots of rain that keeps our beautiful scenery green. As a bonus, we don't experience earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes!

Famous Foods!

Sink your teeth into London't popular cuisines like Yorkshire Pudding, a baked batter mixture served with roast meat and gravy. Cumberland sausage is a long pork sausage usually served coiled up like a rope. Fish and Chips is delicious fish deep-fried in flour batter with fries (chips) in malt vinegar. Another traditional food is Bubble and Squeak. The main ingredients are cooked cabbage fried with cooked potatoes often with other veggies and meat as well. Come try all these spectacular traditional dishes!

Leisure Activities in London

Try some of the activities we do in our free time. For example, London is a huge sports country. It is the birthplace of soccer, rugby and cricket. Soccer (football as it’s called here) is out most popular sport. Thousands of fans regularly played attend matches by England’s most prestigious teams. Other popular sports played here are Grand Prix and horse racing, archery, and tennis. Don't be last to experience the English lifestyle with us!

Our Language

Do you love English accents? Now you can experience it for yourself! The London English accent is called Cockney. Accents vary in different regions. Although most speak English, a few indigenous dialects still remain. Many residents are bilingual and speak English as well as other languages. Our language is one of the most exciting ones! Here are some English words: Butty - Sand which, Ice Lolly - Popsicle, Rounders - Baseball.

Our Creative Culture

We can't forget our interesting culture! On May Day, the first day of May we celebrate the end of winter. Home made garland is judged and a May Queen is selected. Every year in June the queen's official birthday is celebrated with the Trooping the Colour where thousands of guardsmen parade and salute the queen. In September, the Great River Race takes place here. Over 200 different row boats race along the Thames River. Our religion is also one of a kind. We have our own national religion, the Church of England. Most residents are members of the Church of England, the official Protestant Christian religion. Our culture is one like no other so come see our annual festivals and unique religions in person today.

London's Landmarks

Don't miss out on London's magnificent must-sees. The majestic Buckingham Place has been royal residence since 1839. The London Eye, one of the world's tallest ferris wheels at 443 ft. The Church of England, St. Paul's Cathedral, is one of Europe's largest cathedrals and its dome is the world's second biggest. Last but not least, the dazzling Tower Bridge goes right across the Thames River. The movable bridge rises and lowers according to boat traffic. Be sure to visit all of these beautiful landmarks!