What is Cyber bullying?

It is the use of the internet to bully someone, typically sending a threatening message to the person receiving it.

Forms of Cyberbullying?

Cyberstalking- meaning sending threatening or frightening messages to a person to scare them.

Use of photos or images- bullies will post embarrassing pictures online of their victim to torment and humiliate them.

Harassing- the sending of messages that are insulting, threatening that are sent through the internet and cell phones.

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Cyberbullying PSA

How should cyber bullying be prevented?

Protect password

Raise awareness to other people.

What should a person do if they're being cyberbullied?

Keep evidence for parents to see.

Reach out to someone they can trust such as parents, counselor, or teacher.

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What are the safety internet tips and netiquette rules to follow when on the internet?

1. Never share password with anyone except for parents.

2. Never post any personal information.

3. Never respond to threatening messages.

4. Never talk to anybody you don't know on the internet. You don't know what they're capable of.

5. Never post any inappropriate pictures of yourself.

1. Remember the human

2. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that follow you in real life.

3. Know where you on on cyberspace.

4. Respect other people's time and bandwidth.

5. Be forgiving for other people's mistakes.

What are the concequences for cyberbullies? And who can you share your password with?

There are a variety of concequences of cyberbullying. Including being suspended from school and being removed from sports events or school organizations.

Share your password with only your parents.