our holidaytrip to the Republic of Zambia


· Day 1

Today we went to the airport. It was a very nice day. We’re sleeping tonight in a hotel, tomorrow we’re going to Zambia. Or now I would sleep. I’m tired. I'll see you tomorrow.

· Day 2

In the morning we went to the camping site. I wanted play outside, but I had to unpack. I have eaten in a restaurant. I had order Chikanda, that is a typisch Zabiaans dish. It was very delicious! But now I'm going to sleep, tomorrow is a very busy. I want to go to the Victoria waterfalls and naturally I'm going to go to the swimmingpool!

· Day 3

Today was so great! First I went to the Victoria waterfalls, they are so beautiful… I love them <3. Second I went to a nature reserve. There are so many animals. I have seeing a lion and a zebra. This was the best day of my live… But it was well a little bit scary.

· Day 4

Today we went shopping, but there were not so many shops. I buyed a magnet, and a delicious roll. In the evening we went to the swimming pool, but ½ hour later the swimming pool was closet. That isn't nice. The evening (after swimming) was boring. I readed a book and I want sleep.

· Day 5

Today was the last day of our holidaytrip. It is night, and I'm now in the car. I going now to the airport.

Today in the morning: It was very nice. We went cycling. The nature was really nice, I don't want to say goodbye! I had well a very good time in Zambia and it was worthwhile! In the afternoon I was not longer happy. The way to the airport is so long and boring...

Tomorrow we're at home at 6 o'clock. The flight is 5 hours long. But I can sleep in a plane, so I wanna do that. Because I'm than faster at home.

· In short:

This little week was absolute worthwhile! And I'm going to go in any case again to Zambia. The nature was great, the food was great, the people was great and my holidays was great! This was my perfect trip!

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