Design and Modeling poster.

Hayden Reinhold

What is speed?

Speed is the amount of distance traveled in a certain amount of time. Certain things that can affect the speed of a car would include the overall mass and weight of the car. Also the aerodynamics of the car can affect how the air flows over and around the car. Finally, the placement of the wheels and the position of the launch hole, this all affects the launch of the car.

What makes a good CO2 car?

What I believe makes a good CO2 car is a sturdy but lightweight frame, this can usually be accomplished by removing material from both sides while still leaving a sturdy "bar" in the center. Also, the overall shape of the car should be "cutting" into the air so that the air goes right over or under the car, without slowing it down. Finally, you will want to make sure the car wheels are drilled out thoroughly or else there will be friction with the axle and cause the car to slow down.

How do I think my Car compares?

I think my car is the ideal design for a successful car, however, the axle and launch holes were somewhat out of line. This probably caused the car to slow down do to friction. I believe that the car will go about 10 mph.


I think that the overall shape of my car turned out well, however I could have done a better job installing the wheels. I enjoyed building my car the most, while I did not enjoy creating this presentation because it was not hands on.