how humans negatively affect water

how human negatively affect water and how to prevent it

agricultural development

agricultural development can be bad because tillage of land changes the infiltration and runoff characteristics of the land surface, which affects recharge to ground water, delivery of water and sediment to surface-water bodies, and evapotranspiration.

but tillage practices have been modified to maximize retention of water in soils and to minimize erosion of soil from the land into surface water bodies.

urban and industrial development

Examples of urban and industrial development side affects include direct discharges from sewage-treatment plants, industrial facilities, and stormwater drains.

biogeochemical processes ma decrease the concentration of the contaminant as it is transformed through the shallow ground water system.

drainage of the land surface

drainage of the land surface is harmful because it can take a while for the drainage to get replaced.

filling, although some wetlands were destroyed from It can help this.


littering can get swept up by rain and enter the ocean or rivers

if people stop littering then this can be prevented

oil spills

oil spills can harm multiple species tremendously, it can get in their lungs.

people just need to be careful