Nationally Franchised Child Center

By: Catherine F. & Jacob Y.

Licensing Standards

  • How to discipline a child
  • Safety procedures
  • Medical procedures
  • Basic care
  • Take children as small as infants
  • Take a group of 25 children

Services Provided in the Child Care

  • Water activities
  • Field trips
  • Nap time
  • Toilet training
  • Play time
  • Animals brought in
  • Food service

Advantages of Type of Child Care

  • Closer to home
  • Local
  • Convient
  • Cheep
  • Trust worthy
  • Child learns to share and interact with other children
  • Child makes friends

Disadvantages of Type of Child Care

  • Lose bond of Mother and Child
  • Mother doesn't see child as much as she used to
  • Child doesn't see their parent(s)/guardian(s)