Weekly Update

October 17-21, 2016

Calendar and Duties

Monday: SB 319 meeting after school my office,

Tuesday: MAP Medal Awards 6:00 pm, Jana is here for 3-6


Thursday: 10:20 Earthquake Drill, School Board Meeting, Tech Meeting

Friday: Writing Vertical Team, School Carnival

Parking Lot Duty: Penny Beck

5A: Trammell

Music Hallway: McMorris

Library Hallway: Mayotte

Detention: Monday: Casey

Tuesday: Howell

Thursday: Jobe

Principal Schedule: Monday-Curriculum meeting in JC 9:00-12:00, Tuesday-Nursing Grant meeting 1:00-?, Wednesday-admin meeting 1:00

October 31-November 3

Don’t forget to do something outside the box, be creative.

Writing Vertical Team Meeting:

Let’s talk grammar, spelling, and writing graphic organizers, we will also look at item analysis summaries (I will bring the elementary work)






P Beck/McMorris





October 18, 2016

Jana, 3-6, review of Item Analysis review. Second grade, Jana wanted a few minutes with you to check on comprehension strategies.

8:00-10:00 Third

10:00-10:30 Second grade

10:30 Fifth and ELA Sixth grade teacher and lunch

1:00 Fourth Grade

October 28, 2016

All District PD

AM: work on updating curriculum pacing guides/standards

PM: review data collection, create lesson plans to improve data

October 31, 2016 Halloween Party

40 minute plan times

8:55-9:35 Sixth Grade

9:35-10:10 Fifth Grade

10:10-10:45 Fourth Grade

12:05-12:45 Kindergarten/First

12:45-1:20 Second/Third

1:45-meet in the gym for the parade, sit like we typically do, only 5/6 graders that have costumes will be allowed to walk in the “parade” After the parade return to the classrooms for the party. If parents take their child from your classroom make sure you have them sign the child out. Trina will give you early sign out forms. All non regular classroom teachers please be present in the building and offer regular classroom teachers a bathroom break. Some staff may want to head to their child’s party so help each other out (Trina, Jessica, Bonna may want to head to their child’s classroom) Randle is gone-who has Halloween music???

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