The Healthy Life

Of Abigail Burner

my unique life

Hi!!! My name is Abigail. Im a carefree person. I like to have fun. I am a vey abstract person. Abstract means to have a unique personality. I am a very crazy person. Ask anyone who the craziest person they know is, and they will say my name.

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my interesting personality

orange is my personality color. i am the creative one in the group. if a message is not engaging to me, then i will lose interest. orange looks for entertainment. the core need for the color orange is the need for freedom. 5 characteristics of orange: charming, competitive, multitasker, spontaneous, and fun loving. if a message is not engaging to me, then i will easily lose interest. As an orange, i dont like to be slow paced, or to take things step by step. I like to act upon a message immediatly.

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How my brain functions

i am more right-brained than left-brained. this means that i have a more creative mind and personality. i think logical people are boring and need to have more fun.
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My Kuder Results


My skills are: Health Informatics, Professional Support Services, Emergency and Fire Management, Therapuetic Systems, and Plant Systems.


My Interests are: Performing Arts, Early Childhood and Development Services, Visual Arts, Marketing Communications, Counseling and MEntal Health Services

Work Values

My Work Values are: Accomplishment, Workplace, Prestige, Innovation, and Income.

What are my goals

My goals are: to be a health educator. a health educator is someone who educates people on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

My highschool plans...

my highschool plan is to go to BHS, Home Of The Tigers.

9th grade 2013-2014

- Begin reasearching career choices and the educational requirement of each

-Make sure that your program of studies includes at least 2-3 years of a language other than English

10th grade 2014-2015

-Take harder classes so colleges will be more impressed

-Full participation in academically challenging courses is the best prep for college entrance exams& for success in college

11th grade 2015-2016

-Narrow career interests to 1-2 fields

-Get off to a good start. Junior year is very important. Take as many academic courses as possible.

-Plan a senior year study program with your counselor. Register for college entrance tests. learn opportunities to earn college credit for advanced placement.

12th grade 2016-2017

-Be sure you have all the required credits and courses for graduation

- Your selection should include at least one college you feel would definently accept you.

-IF ALL COLLEGES SEND REJECTIONS, DON'T PANIC!!!!!! THERE ARE SEVERAL ALTERNATIVES. SEE YOUR COUNSELOR. Finalize housing (or dorms) financial aid, and/or scholarships

Harlem Shake BHS 1st lunch

My High School Graduation

Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 10am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive Fayettville, AR


How do I plan to get them? By going to college!!!(my college Bio)

I plan on achieving my goals by going to OVU, or Ohio Valley University. OVU is the home of the Fighting Scots. The tuition is $18,050. The books and supplies are $1,000. I will be boarding on campus. This is about $6,446. the total enrollment is: 482 kids. This is a 4-year private college. The total cost of my college is about $109,984. Website: CLICK HERE