The Eleventh Plague

By: Jeff Hirsch

" When P-11 started the COLLAPSE of the country began"

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When the Chinese dropped a huge disease on the United States the entire country almost died and everything went downhill. Food ran short, people started killing others for food these people are called slavers. Everyone has to avoid slavers to live. Like Stephen and his dad who are always trying to find food and avoid slavers. The first time they are caught his dad falls and goes into a deep coma. Stephen and his dad escaped the slavers when they are found by a couple a villagers. The villagers take them back to there village and take care of them to make sure they are safe. A nurse helps his dad stay alive. Stephen will not leave his dads side ever. When he did he made friends in about 10 days. Sadly though his dad passed away just like his mom did a few years before. Stephen meets a girl name Jenny who he loves and they try to escape the village but run into a few obstacles Slaver and mercenaries.
The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch
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i give this book 4 out of 5 stars. i give it that rating because it does not have much action until the end or the very beginning. The rest of the book is about him talking about his past life or his friends that he made at the village. Also about how he is in love with Jenny.


I chose this book because when i read the summary on the back the sounded very interesting and sounded like there was going to be a lot of action. My opinion of this book is it was very good. The book had a lot of interesting and difficult things happening in the kids life which made me very interested to see what happens next. My favorite part of the book was when the dad died because i was thinking that Stephen was going to go crazy now that he was on his own to live. What i liked about the book was a lot of deaths happened which made me want to read more to see if anybody else would die. what i disliked was how some of it was a love story between him and a girl. I would recommend this book to someone who likes survival stories.